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Lisa Ann Verge

Genre: Historical Romance

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Wild Irish Rose

With WILD IRISH ROSE I've taken a break from paranormals to write about a frolicking band of wandering minstrels. And what a fun ride it's been!

Moreen wants one thing: To learn her real name. Abandoned as a babe, she has, as her only clue, a crested ring found in her swaddling clothes. She sets off to discover the truth and meets the biggest rogue in medieval Ireland: Colin Mac Egan, a man of many appetites and few scruples.

Here's a preview:

"Your troupe," Moreen said, gesturing to the tattered array of minstrels further down the road, "is made up of all the seven deadly sins."

Colin quirked an eyebrow. "Only seven?"

"That dancer," she said, ignoring him, "looks upon my ring as if she'd like to use it as a belly-jewel. She's Envy." Colin laughed.

"That fat boar you call your leader," she continued, "he's Gluttony if ever I saw it."

"If feeding a healthy, appetite is sinful, Moreen, 1'll never be saved."

"Did you doubt that? But hear me: that juggler is Avarice-and don't tell me he lost that ear by accident; I know a thief's mark when I see it."

"It's clear there's no telling you much."

"Those half-naked twins: There's Vanity. And that piper is Sloth-I've seen cats who sleep less than he."

He swallowed a chuckle. "You've got this clearly made out."

"And you," she said, turning upon him in all his grinning glory, "you are Lust itself."

"Lady, you do me wrong."

"Then you were searching for Heaven's Gate up that woman's skirts yesterday?"

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