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Janelle Taylor

Book Title: WILD WINDS
Genre: America, Historical Romance

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Wild Winds

While I was researching and writing Kiss of the Night Wind (1988) and Chase the Wind (1993), I discovered so many fascinating facts about Arizona that I knew I would have to do another book about that exciting area one day. In 1995, Hawk Reynolds and Margaret Anne Malone suddenly leapt into my head and said it was time to write their story and to set it in Arizona. Since they presented me with such an interesting plot idea, I agreed.

In Wild Winds, my new Kensington hardcover, Maggie, a detective in the Old West, is compelled to bust her stepbrother out of prison to save his life and prove his innocence. But what Maggie doesn't realize is the perils and raging desires she will confront in a mysterious half-blooded Cheyenne gunslinger who has a vengeful reason for wanting the man freed and placed within his lethal reach. Yet, many things go awry as each seeks conflicting or similar goals. Ensnared by dangers and assailed by passions, each fears the obstacles between them might be too great to overcome, and end their hopes of sharing a future together.

I loved working with this independent heroine who has skills and wits both to match my hero's and to present him with awesome challenges. I also had fun with many of the secondary characters; in particular, Maggie's best friend in Yuma, who aids Maggie in her daring misdeed. I hope this little teaser will whet your appetite for devouring the entire story.

"I'll need more than simple luck to pull off a jailbreak from Yuma Prison." (Maggie told Newl Carver before his departure from her room.)

As Hawk eavesdropped on the secret meeting, he was astonished that the man would hire an angelic voiced female for such a daring and perilous job. Despite his skills and training, he wasn't convinced even he could pull off that task, and was certain a mere woman couldn't. Who and what was this "Maggie"? What qualified her to be considered for such a hazardous feat? Why was she willing to risk her life and freedom to help the Carvers? He told himself he wouldn't feel bad about using her in any way necessary to get to Ben Carver and his vicious cohorts. Since she had an unknown connection to Ben and was about to commit a serious felony for him, she deserved whatever misfortune fell upon her head...

Hawk couldn't sleep for thinking about Maggie and the challenges looming ahead of him. Don't go messing with my head, woman; it won't do you any good. You've sided with Carver, so that makes you one of my enemies. As he lay awake and highly aroused in the dark, he resolved that nothing and no one would stand in the way of his revenge and justice.

Also this month, look for By Candlelight, my new contemporary from Zebra. And my new four-book Lakota Skies Indian series from Kensington will debut in May '98. Please write to Janelle Taylor Newsletter, P.O. Box 211646, Martinez, GA 30917-1646.

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