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Rosanne Bittner Heads to the America West

In the first title of Rosanne's American West series, explore 1700s America as her hunky hero Noah Wilde heads INTO THE WILDERNESS during the midst of a brutal war to save the one woman worth risking his life for!

By Lauren Spielberg

Nobody writes about the American West better than Rosanne Bitter, and with this new series she brings to the forefront a rarely covered time period, the mid-1700s, during the French & Indian War.

Known for her Savage Destiny and Mystic Indian series, this talented author has written more than 52 books since 1983. She's honed her formdelivering sweeping sagas styled with lots of authentic historical
tidbits and details gathered from her extensive, impeccable researchto perfection.

However, it wasn't until she watched "The Last of the Mohicans," the 1992 film starring Daniel Day Lewis, that Rosanne realized the 1750s was the perfect time period to set the first in her America West series, INTO THE WILDNERNESS, which pits Noah Wilde, an English spy, and Jessica Matthews, who is taken captive during a raid, against the Iroquois tribe.

Sympathetic to the plight of the Iroquois people. Rosanne asserts, "They were used and abused by the English and the French to the point where it began to divide their great Nation. Most of what the Iroquois did was from pure frustration and often in retaliation for a wrong, rather than just deliberate meaness."

Before the politically correct censors start blipping
off the radar, in no way are Native Americans portrayed
as the "bad guys" in this historical tale. It's quite the opposite, actually! Rosanne's gone to great pains to resurrect the Iroquois' pride, strength and cunning; their resourcefulness; and the ways in which they were used and betrayed by the French and the English.

Research was a blast for this self-proclaimed history buff, who lists Allan W. Eckert's Wilderness Empire (Little, Brown) as her primary source of information for the United States' formative years. "I guarantee that if the history of our country's early years was taught in school using a book like that, our children would love their history classes" Rosanne says with a smile.

Painted in vivid detail, Mr. Eckert's genuine appreciation for "the challenges our earliest settlers braved" reintensified Rosanne's own patriotic footholds, which in turn invigorated the story for INTO THE WILDERNESS. "Just look at us!" she exclaims. "We're only 226 years
old, yet we are the greatest, most advanced nation in the world! That fierce American pride lives in all of us, and it started with those first settlers, so many of whom gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today."

Skillfully told, INTO THE WILDERNESS pairs Jessica and Noah (who's cut, incidentally, from the very same cloth as the Daniel Day Lewis character in "The Last of the Mohicians") almost immediately, and it's their everlasting love that helps them both struggle through the dangers of a settling America.

"Winning the West did not come at quite the price as winning the East!" Rosanne says. "And I daresay, no fiercer Indian nation existed than that of the Iroquois! What a great Nation of tribes, intelligent and organized, and just about the most formidable enemy one could confront!"

With a penchant for history and creating accurate novels, filled to the brim with love and romancelook for an encounter with a 20-year-old Army officer, George Washington, our future first president!Rosanne Bittner continues to reign on the top of her game.

Next up in Rosanne's America West series is INTO THE VALLEY, which takes place in the late 1770searly '80s, during the American Revolution. Jeremiah and Luke Wilde, the sons of Noah and Jessica from INTO THE WILDERNESS, fall in love with the same woman!

No two brothers could be more different, and as if their love for Annie Barnes weren't enough to come between them, they are also torn in loyalties, one to the Crown, the other to the American Patriots.

Set in the Ohio Valley, INTO THE VALLEY will be followed by INTO THE PRAIRIE, where we move into Illinois and Missouri. Then it's Westward bound, with INTO THE MOUNTAINSand beyond!

Visit Rosanne's website for up to the minute release dates for INTO THE VALLEY, INTO THE PRAIRIE and INTO THE MOUNTAINS at


This scene takes place well into the story, after Noah has risked life and limb to rescue Jess from Delaware Indians. They are holed up in a cave on their way south from Canada, and Noah has suffered painful wounds in a fight with a Delaware Indian over "possession" of Jess. It is important that readers know that at this time, Jess is dressed as a Delaware woman, wearing only a wrap skirt. Her breasts are covered by many beaded necklaces, and she has a cape wrapped around herself.

When next she turned, Noah was standing outside under the waterfall. Jess was astonished that he could bear the cold water, but perhaps it helped ease the pain of his burn and cuts. She was even more astonished to realize he was naked. For a brief moment she drank in the sight of his muscled thighs and buttocks. She could not see that part of him that would embarrass her. She wondered at the fact that he could strip like that in front of her, but then, he was probably doing what was best for his wounds; and, after all, he was still feeling his wilder being.

She looked away so that he would not catch her watching him. She waited, still amazed at her changed world. She stared at the flames, thinking how a year ago she would have found this situation frightening and appalling.

Minutes later, Noah was standing beside her. Bashfully, Jess turned her head to see his bare feet.

"It's your turn," he told her.

Jess looked at the fire again. Was he still totally naked? "Mine?"

"I'll lay out some blankets. We can curl up in them by the fire until we're warm."


"You know what I mean, Jess." He moved behind her and grasped her under the arms, pulling her to her feet. He turned her, and she faced his bare chest, the ugly burn. She touched it lightly. "Noah. Poor Noah."

"Get undressed, Jess." He grasped her face and forced her to meet his eyes. His long, dark hair still dripped over his bruised shoulders as he held her gaze. "I will not take the risk of some heathen being your first man. It should be me. I've spent months searching for you, and I'll die before I risk losing you again. I want you, Jess Matthews. You're the strongest, bravest woman I've ever met, and as soon as we get the chance, we'll be married the proper way. Right now I'll marry you the Indian way. You're no little girl any more. You're Noah Wilde's woman. I risked my life to win you. You belong to me."

Jess swallowed. "What if I said no?" she asked bashfully, rather astonished at the bold announcement, feeling more like a captive than the woman he loved.

"Do you want to say no?"

Jess studied him several long, quiet seconds, with only the sound of the roaring water behind them. "I want to say yes," she finally told him, her eyes tearing. "I love you, Noah. I think I would have killed myself if Thunder had won that fight, butright now I'm scared of you."

His gaze softened. He leaned close and kissed her mouth gently. "Don't ever be afraid of me," he answered, kissing her eyes. "Not ever." He moved his lips to her mouth again, kissing her forcefully yet gently as he reached down and untied her cape. He let it fall, then stepped back to remove the necklaces she wore. One by one they were tossed aside, until she stood before him with bared breasts. All the while she looked down, not sure what to do or say. He stooped down to untie the wrap skirt she wore, laying it aside. She wore nothing under it.

Go to your bookstore in April and pick up INTO THE WILDERNESSenjoy!

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