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Winter Hearts

My first book, Winter Hearts, takes place in 1870 Montana, with a lawman hero and a schoolmarm heroine. Stereotypical you say? Not exactly, as people are not always what they appear.

For example, take Miss Libby O'Hanlon, Deer Creek's third schoolteacher in less than three months. She arrives in her drab, dark-colored clothing, fitting the spinster bill to a T. However, Libby is actually a doctor who was married to a wealthy handsome man, whose perfectly sculpted looks hid an ugliness only seen by Libby in the privacy of their bedchamber. Unable to take his perversions any longer, Libby strikes back and believes she's killed him.

Then there's Sheriff Matt Brandon, a man scarred on the outside by a Union saber during the War Between the States, and inside by his late wife's infidelity. But his gruff exterior hides a gentle kindness. Much to everyone's surprise, including his own, he befriends the town's notorious madam's bastard son, Dylan.

Matt senses something isn't on the up-and-up with the new schoolteacher, but he has a hard time concentrating when she's near. She seems to peer straight into his soul. And when she joins the sheriff in his quest to save the young boy from his mother's cruelties, Matt is kept off-balance by her concern for both himself and Dylan.

Believing she's a murderer, Libby has no wish to attract a sheriff's attention. But Matt's concern for Dylan surprises her. His facial scar, repulsive to most women, draws her to him. And there's a sense of decency and strength about him that attracts her more than external appearances.

In writing their story, I have to admit I fell for my imperfect hero. What woman could resist a man with a tender heart, an angst-ridden soul and a cowboy hat?

For a autographed bookmark, write to me at P.O. Box 68. Royalton. MN 56373. SASE.

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