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Kristen Callihan

Genre: Victorian Period, England, Paranormal, Historical Romance

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Dear Reader,

In many ways, I think of Winterblaze as a love letter to marriage. You see, my couple is already married. However, they are going through a bit of a rough spot—namely, my heroine Poppy Lane not only possesses supernatural talents, she also works with an organization created to keep supernatural beings a secret. For someone such as the police inspector Winston Lane, who prides honesty above all, this is a blow. Thus the novel opens with them separated, hurt, and angry.

When I started Winterblaze, I had a moment of panic. For the most part, when we read a romance, it is about the beginning of love.  A couple meets, gets to know each other, and falls in love. Rarely do we delve into the “ever after” of the union.

If you’ve ever been married or in a committed relationship, you know that it isn’t all rainbows. You have to work at it. Unfortunately, the hard stuff is not exactly sexy or romantic. Or is it?

I met my husband when I was 17 and he was 20. He was the brother of a good friend, and he often likes to tell the story that when he saw my picture in her room, he promptly announced that he and I would be together. Naturally, she scoffed, but some two decades later, she had to concede that his premonition was spot on.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in those ensuing years, it’s that my husband and I are constantly rediscovering each other. The challenges of life batter and alter you, yet hopefully it forges you into something stronger.

When I was writing Winterblaze, Win decided to take over. It became his love letter to Poppy. Through his eyes, we see how he fell for Poppy, madly and enduringly. And how she fell for him, although with a bit more caution, as she had a secret life to protect.

Now that the gloves are off and their secrets are exposed, they slowly get to fall in love anew. It is an emotional ride, and yet, to their surprise, Poppy and Win discover that, despite the danger surrounding them, they are having the time of their lives.

And, really, that’s what a good marriage should be. Don’t you think?

Happy Reading,

- Kristen Callihan

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