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Lisa Jackson

Book Title: WISHES
Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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Ive always had a fascination with large families. I grew up on an Oregon homestead in small, multi-generational family. I had one sister and two first cousins. Thats it.

I grew up envious of the kids who had enough siblings to man a baseball team. I was lucky to scrounge up a game of catch.

Dont get me wrong. I had a fabulous, enchanted childhood, and my friends had tons of siblings and millions of cousins.

My interest in family dynamics became the backdrop for my stories. wishes is a prime exampleits the story of the aristocratic Sullivan family.

Kate Sullivan is offered a baby, no strings attached. Still recovering from the loss of her own child and her husband, she cant resist the opportunity to become a mother again, yet knows shes making a mistake.

Fifteen years later, the Sullivan family,
once anxious to get rid of this childa reminder of infidelity and scandalnow needs him to carry on as the sole male heir and pass on the Sullivan genes and name. Ruthless, they will stop at nothing, not even murder, to gain their ends.

I wrote this story to explore family power strugglesI like to explore the manner in which my characters were raised. Childhood scars are often impossible to erase, and the hero was an unwanted bastard forever taunted by
his half-sisters and cousin. Now hes a man who has nothing, while others
have everything.

Often I write of power-hungry, manipulative fathers. Sometimes readers assume that Im writing what I know. Well, my father is a wonderful, kind, extremely clever and witty man. Hes my biggest fan and proudest supporter. Sometimes I wonder what he thinks.
WISHES explores the Sullivan familys ruthless abuse of power while telling the love story of Kate Summers and Daegan ORourke. Read it, then let me know what you think. Im sure
my father will.

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