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A new year is always a time for new beginnings and 1999 marks an extra special one for me. My next book, WISHING, is one of two launch books for Pocket?s new historical romance imprint, Sonnet Books.

WISHING returns to the Fairbourne family of Cape Cod, this time with the story of the youngest brother Samson. Having grown up in the considerable shadows of his older brothers, Joshua and Daniel, Samson is determined to make his own life without their help?even if he must turn his back on the rest of the family to do so. And succeed he has, though the effort has cost him dearly. He has no time for anything but his ship and no use for women, whom he dismisses as foolish, frivolous time-wasters.

To prove this point to his young cousin Zach, Samson pens a description of his perfect, obedient (and perfectly impossible) model wife, stuffs it in a bottle and tosses it out to sea.

Polly Bray is the hard-working daughter of a fisherman, a pretty young woman in boy?s clothes who knows and loves the sea every bit as much as Samson. She too has little regard for marriage, for why would she wish to sacrifice the pleasure and freedom of her life to the whims of an overbearing husband?

When Polly finds the improbable message inside the old bottle, she suddenly finds herself tossed into Samson?s world and into the middle of an unlikely wager between him and Zach. Yet will love?and the wishes made with that magic bottle?be enough to bring happiness to the two most headstrong people afloat?

Samson finds out why they say Be careful what you wish for, since it just might come true!

But Samson is only the first irresistible Fairbourne hero coming your way this year. In MOONLIGHT Zach is handsome, charming, and gallant?everything her mother warned her against. But from his father, he carries a heartbreaking legacy of his own, a dark secret that draws him closer to Amelie in ways and with a passion that neither dreamed possible.

And in June please look for UNDER THE BOARDWALK, a special anthology of historical and contemporary novellas with a summertime theme. My contribution (a Fairbourne tale, of course) is ?Buried Treasure,? the light-hearted love story of a reformed pirate who creates the perfect island getaway to regain the only girl he ever loved?and lost.

I love hearing from readers. Please write to me at: P.O. Box 1102, Paoli, PA 19301-0792, or e-mail me at MJarrett21@

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