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Andrea Cremer recaps Nightshade, her series starter, and shares what readers need to know before diving into this month's sequel, Wolfsbane.

Imagine a world where two opposing factions of witches – Keepers and Searchers - have been at war for centuries, where the Keepers’ vicious wolf warriors battle the Searchers’ shadowy rogue forces, and where duty always comes before love. This is the world of Nightshade.

As Calla Tor’s eighteenth birthday approaches so do irrevocable changes in her life. The daughter of her Guardian pack’s alpha pair, Calla’s life has been charted since birth. When she comes of age she’ll inherit a pack of her own…and a mate to rule the pack with. Sexy and arrogant, her counterpart Ren Laroche is as enticing as he is infuriating, but Calla’s fate isn’t one she has any desire to escape.

Until the day that changes everything. Until she discovers a boy being mauled by a bear. Until she saves his life, ignoring the Keepers’ laws against doing so.

Unsettled by her choice, Calla hopes to return to her life and her pack. But the threads of her fate are quickly unraveling. The boy she saved keeps turning up. First as a new student at her school, then as someone who her masters want kept safe.

No longer a stranger, the boy named Shay Doran is a constant presence in Calla’s life.  

Shay is unlike anyone Calla has ever known. Not content with accepting her world and its rules, Shay is full of questions about Calla and her pack. About her life. He wants to know her past and is troublingly interested in her future.

Despite her strong sense of duty, Calla can’t deny that Shay’s questions reveal unsettling truths about her world – showing her that it holds more secrets and uncertainties than she’d like. But more worrying than Shay’s challenges to the laws she lives by are the feelings he stirs inside her, leading her to act in ways she knows put her life and her pack at risk. Though Calla can’t deny Shay’s pull, she is equally aware of her connection to Ren – who takes every opportunity to remind her of why, in heart and body, they were meant to be together.

As Calla and Ren’s union and the formation of the new Guardian pack approaches, Calla is forced to make a terrible choice: take her place at Ren’s side and become the alpha she was born to be, or fight for a new fate with the boy she may be falling in love with.

Nightshade brings to life a world full of hidden histories and forbidden histories. The story continues in Wolfsbane, where Calla learns the consequences of her choice and the truths behind the twisted world she’d always believed in.

- Andrea Cremer

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