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Second chances. If youre anything like us, you instantly think of first loves, lost loves or those loves that were never meant to be. But what if you were given another go at it? An opportunity to make right what went wrong? Would you grab the chance with both hands? Or watch helplessly as it slipped away?

This is the dilemma we faced while writing THE WOMAN FOR DUSTY CONRAD. What do you do with a hero and heroine so obviously meant for each other, but so stubborn they cant see beyond their own pain? One option is to give them a book in which to work it all out. We gave Jolie and Dusty Conrad this book.

Their love story plays out against the backdrop of Old Orchard, Ohio,
a fictitious town filled with people you might recognize as your own next-door neighbors. We hope you enjoy reading Dusty and Jolies journey back into each others hearts.

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A brief touch. Thats all. Dusty would brush his mouth against Jolies, then pull away.

The instant his lips made contact with hers, her tear-dampened ones softened under his. Dusty groaned. Okay, maybe he should broaden the kiss parameters a tad. Say full contact for no more than ten seconds.

As if on its own, hungry accord, his tongue dipped out and gently lapped her salty tears. Oh she tasted so good. Jolie swayed against him, her arms curving around his waist, her fingers digging into the small of his back. In that one lucid moment, he knew he was a goner.

A brief touch melted into a needful seeking as he slid his tongue into the hot, honeyed depths of her mouth. Everything might have been all right if she hadnt responded. But she had in a breathless, thirsty way that sent his blood surging hotly through his veins like the fires theyd spent so much of their lives fighting. It was all Dusty could do not to back her against the edge of the unfinished Jacuzzi, push her sweater up over her ribs, and pop open the button to her snug jeans....

Just like old times.

The thought caught and held. Just like old times. Only it wasn't old times, was it? No matter how right she felt in his arms right now, the emotions she had momentarily bared to him, how much he wanted to take their kiss to the next level, nothing was the same....

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