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Ive had so many enthusiastic letters over the years about the Women of Glory series, which involved three women going through US Navy flight school, that Ive always wanted to follow up on it. Well, now I have! The Black Jaguar Squadroncomprised of Heart of the Jaguar (Dec. 99),
Heart of the Warrior (Aug. 00) and Heart of Stone (Mar. 01)introduced you to this secret US Army black ops grouprun by women only.

Now that Ive set the background for BJS, I wanted to begin to tell the stories of the brave women who volunteered for this dangerous, wartime duty in South America. The first four books will come out over a two-year period. Book 1, WOMAN OF INNOCENCE, hits bookstores this month and features Jenny Wright, Morgan Trayherns new assistant. She dreams about doing something heroic, but knows she probably wontuntil Morgan gives her a chance to do just that with a mercenary shes been secretly admiring for a long time. In Jennys book, youll get close-up information on the next three women of the seriesplus, Jenny gets into a situation where she finds out what shes really made of!

Book 2, DESTINY'S WOMAN (Mar. 02) is about Chief Warrant Officer Akiva Redtail. This is a half-Apache, half-Lakota gunship pilot who takes no prisoners. Until her commanding officer Major Maya Stevenson orders her undercover with CWO Joe Calhoun, another helicopter pilot, to set up
a secret base in Mexico. Battling drug runners as well as her growing desire for Joes easygoing Texas demeanor, Akiva is at war on the ground and in the sky. Worse, to get out of a shocking and explosive situation, Akiva must rely on Joe to stay alive. Will she?

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