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The subject that elicits the most questions in my books is the SEX. Readers love the way I write about sex and often reviewers do too. The Kirkus review for A WOMAN OF PASSION said: Rapid storytelling, high passions, and no stinting on bedtime thrills. A review for A Year and a Day said: Henley knows how to keep
a plot galloping along. That, and an element of frank eroticism, make this one an enjoyable addition

From the beginning, my books were labeled as being extremely hot and spicy, and I want to tell you why. My great passion is HISTORY however, I am a historical romance writer, and that means the romance has to play a greater role than the history. I take a solid chunk of meticulously researched history and blend it with a hot, erotic love story. This method is like a one-two punch! One does not work without the other: a straight historical
exploration of centuries past would be too dry and a book of just erotic love scenes might be thrown aside as a piece of pure lust. But the two together? Its like magic.

Over the years Ive built up a readership who begs me not to change my style and to please NEVER change the way I write about sex. With my first hardcover, I faced the decision of many other writers who go into hardcover formats: they move toward mainstream writing with less sensuality. I decided I was not going to change the style
or content of my stories. And I never will.

My third hardcover, A WOMAN OF PASSION, is released in paperback this month. Truly a book from my heart, it traces the life of my all time favorite heroine: Bess Hardwick. She battled Elizabethan court politics, was locked in the Tower of London for having integrity, married four times, achieved her most important goal (the restoration of her familys property)and most of all, found the love of her life. But I do tell all four stories of the men in her life. And for those readers who beg me never to change the way I write about sex, you wont
be disappointed with this one!


Rogues eyes narrowed. Gods blood, youre a clever wench; youve already got me on the defensive.

A position you detest. Her eyes danced with laughter.

Ill show you a position, he growled, but the amusement was back in his eyes and she decided to trust him, though not too far. She accepted his invitation to sit down upon his cloak and he knelt beside her. The real reason I told you to wear green was so that the grass stains wont show, he murmured intimately.

Rogue Cavendish, you are far too experienced for my liking! she said bluntly, and made as if she would arise and leave him.

And you are far too innocent for mine, he said taking possession of her hand to keep her beside him.

Her dark eyes were enormous. Liar, she whispered softly, my innocence excites you.

He groaned. Oh Christ, you speak the truth; I dont know what to do to you first.

Oh, you rogue! she gasped. Then she looked straight into his eyes. Will you always be so honest with me?

He nodded. If my honesty excites you. He lifted her hand to his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue across her palm, then placed his lips upon her wrist to feel the rapid pulse. As he began to suck on one of her fingers, she experienced a tiny pulse beat between her legs and she saw that he was so wise in the way of women.

You are so unearthly fair. He pulled off her hood and caught her silken hair as it tumbled into his hands. His fingers splayed through it sensuously. Bess, you have the most glorious hair Ive ever seen.

Why does my hair fascinate you? Is it the color?

Aye, its like flames. I could warm my hands at the blaze, and it marks you as special, you make blondes seem commonplace.

She laughed with delight. Tell me more.

Do you want the truth? It is a constant reminder that between your legs, the curls there too must be red.

Oh! Her lips parted in genuine shocked surprise. Is that what men think about?

A thousand times a day, he said solemnly.

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