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Mariah Stewart

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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About ten years ago, a famous author was on television talking about how his characters so strongly directed his stories that often even he did not know where they would lead him. I remember thinking at the time how silly that sounded. I mean, whos in charge here, anyway?

Then I began to write Wonderful You. As the story progressed, I began to have a minor problem. The heroines voice was growing fainter and someone elses voice was becoming louder. Forced to give in to that loud voicewhich belonged to India DevlinI wrote the book my characters were telling me to write. Half-way through writing that story, it occurred to me that Wonderful You was meant to be the second book, not the first, in a series I hadnt planned on writing. So Devlins Light became book one.

With India Devlin and Nick Enrights story completed first, as they had insisted I do, I could settle back and write Nicks sister Zoey Enrights search for love, laughter and her hearts desire.

And where, you might ask, does her search lead? To a job as a host on the Home Market Place shopping network. Unbeknownst to Zoey, the networks wily old CEO, Delaney OConnor, has set out to bring his grandson Ben PierceZoeys childhood heroback from Europe to run the HMP. Bens passion was Grand Prix racing until a near-fatal accident brought his career to an end. Returning to the States brings Ben face-to-face with a grown up Zoey, who bears absolutely no resemblance to the scrawny, little, 11-year-old tomboy Ben had left behind.

His grandfathers company pales in comparison to the challenge of dealing with the emotions stirred up by the beautiful woman who used to be his best friends little sister!

Please drop me a line at: P.O. Box 481, Lansdowne, PA 19050. An SASE guarantees a response. And watch for Moondance, the last of the series and Georgia Enrights story, which will be released as the January 99 lead from Pocket Books.

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