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Linda Jones

Genre: Historical Romance

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Ive always loved fairy tales and I suspect many of you do as well. Who didnt grow up dreaming of Cinderella and Snow White and Hansel and Gretel? In fairy tales, as in romance, the good guys always win and the bad guys get their just desserts in the end. Theres a definite sense of justice in fairy tales, even though the Brothers Grimm did occasionally get a bit too violent.

INTO THE WOODS is not the first fairy tale Ive adapted for Love Spells line of Faerie Tale Romances and it wont be the last. But it is very special to me. Over the years, when I pondered fairy tales I might play with, Hansel and Gretel often came to mind. After all, its a classicpitting the innocent children against the wicked witch. As far as a romance went, nothing ever came to me.

Until one day it hit me. The witch was the true heroine of the story. Shed been falsely accused by those tall-tale-spreading brats. Matilda Candy was born in that instant, as were the misbehaving twins Hanson and Gretchen. Now all I needed was a hero.

Declan Harper goes to Matilda looking for his late grandmother, who was rumored to be a witcha designation Matilda has inherited. An impatient
man with big plans that do not include a sprite-like woman with bare feet and braided pigtails, he asks for the one thing that will make all his plans come together. A love potion to convince the most beautifuland wealthiestwoman in the county to be his wife.

Experimenting with the potions, Matilda discovers, proves to be more dangerous than Declan ever expected. But is she really a witch? Or is the power shes unleashing coming from the heart?

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