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Lisa Kleypas explores the appeal of the common man in WORTH ANY PRICE

"I think every romance author has a certain kind of hero that she enjoys writing about the most. No matter how many different characters we create, I think most of us love to go back to our 'special guy' now and then—and for me, this archetype is the dashing, self-made man, usually a non-aristocrat who has to struggle to find his place in the British aristocratic society.

"To my surprise, common-born heroes (who are not eventually discovered to be a long-lost viscount or duke!) are still relatively rare in historical romances. I find that whenever I unleash one of these rugged, ambitious heroes on the lords and ladies, he creates a lot of conflict, tension and outright fun.

"I've read novels in which a Bow Street Runner makes a brief appearance, but the more I researched this subject, the more convinced I became that a Runner would make the perfect hero. The Bow Street Runners, who operated from about 1753 to 1842, were highly trained men of action. They investigated murders, pursued criminals and worked to recover stolen property. As these 'thief-takers' were never officially authorized by Parliament, they were not bound by statutory or territorial restrictions, which meant they were virtually a law unto themselves.

"There were only about a half-dozen Bow Street Runners at any given time, and they were celebrities in their own right, admired by the public and invited to plenty of upper-class soirees and balls. A few of them even made fortunes doing privately commissioned work on the side—like Nick Gentry, the hero of my forthcoming sizzler from Avon, WORTH ANY PRICE.

"Nick is hired to track down a ruthless lord's runaway fiancée. When he finally locates her, Nick realizes that he wants her for himself."

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