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Olga Bicos

Genre: Paranormal, Historical Romance

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Spend Some More Time WRAPPED IN WISHES with Author Olga Bicos

I must confess. I own a copy of "Ghostbusters" I and II. Ectoplasm, full-form apparitions, paranormal paraphernalia... I love these movies. Even my kids watch them with me; my three-year-old son (a Stephen King in the making) always pops in to check out the "scary doggie."

Given the chance to write my own ghostbuster, I couldn't resist.

I thought of the idea for Wrapped In Wishes while I was driving. Most of my really good book ideas come to me while I'm behind the wheel of a car. This is something that concerns my husband. He thinks I'm not paying attention. I explain I'm just one of those really intelligent people who can do two things at once, like reading and watching TV. He must disregard the fact that I often miss my freeway exit. This is mere coincidence.

A few years ago, I went to a hypnotherapist for insomnia. On the way home one day (driving, of course), I thought, "What if this woman goes to see a hypnotherapist, only when she goes under, she wakes up in an old Victorian house..."

The house, as it turns out, is haunted. Chloe Plum, my heroine, believes those eerie murmurs coming from down the hall are just part of the hypnosis experience. She never expects to run into a real haunting, complete with a ghost and a terribly handsome 19th century ghostbuster, Harrison Conners. But the real mystery begins when she wakes up on her therapist's couch, back in modern day New Orleans. The whole adventure is explained away as part of the hypnosis experience-until Chloe walks out the door and slam into her ghostbuster on the streets of today's French Quarter.

Write to me at: 16835 Algonquin, No. 179, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. SASE appreciated.

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