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Excerpt from THE WRONG MR. RIGHT

Marisa swallowed hard, but her mouth was feeling that soft, warm way it did just before she was going to get kissed. Her stomach was quivering, her blood was racing, and her hands were trembling. This was not good. This was the way she was supposed to feel about Mr. Right. Thats what she needed to be putting her energy toward, finding him, not kissing Mr. Wrong. And Mr. Wrong was supposed to be putting his energy into helping her find Mr. Right, not making her want to kiss him.

Youre saying that if I kissed you right now, you wouldnt respond at all, Barrie said.

Does that bother your male pride? Well, too bad. Im here for one purpose only, and thats to find my true love.

He inched closer. So if I put my lips on yours, youd just stand there?

Right, she said, telling herself not to moisten her lips and doing it anyway.

I dont believe you.

Well, believe it, buddy. Im no more interested in kissing you than He kissed her, a nice, warm kiss that shot the blood to her temples. She felt giddy and flushed all at once. His mouth moved back and forth over hers in long, slow strokes. She wasnt responding, was she? Her mouth wasnt parted beneath his, and her eyes weren't closed. It had just gotten dark all of a sudden. He captured her lower lip between his, and she was sure, absolutely sure, she didnt sigh. Must have been him. Her mouth wasnt moving back and forth in sync with his, right? That was the earth shifting.

The earth was shifting? She opened her eyes to find Barrie watching her. How had her arms gotten around his neck like that? Did we just have an earthquake?

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