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Romantic Times:

Virginia, youre famous for your larger than life alpha-male heroes. As the Reigning Queen of Lusty Romance, tell us what makes your hero so quick to sweep a woman off her feet?

Virginia Henley

Since A YEAR AND A DAY is set in Scotland in the time of "Braveheart," I wanted to create a hero to die for. The men in my books are usually dark, but this time I wanted someone with such unique coloring and tantalizing qualities that he would inflame the readers imagination and set her soul on fire!

Lynx de Warenne is a battle-scarred English warrior who conquers all in his path. I purposely gave him the animalistic features of a predatory lynx with a lithe, powerful body, brilliant green eyes, and a tawny mane of hair. Then I allowed him to stalk his prey!

Lynx is fearless and fierce, predatory, proud, wild and free. This man has one burning desire: to MATE and father a child. Though he is a ruthless warrior, hard in mind and body, with iron determination and great endurance, he is capable of heart-stopping tenderness with the woman who gives him his hearts desire. When love comes, it is tempestuous!

And for the reader who craves a Scottish hero, dark dominant Robert the Bruce strides through A YEAR AND A DAY, laughing, loving and setting the pages ablaze with his passion.

Excerpt From: A Year And A Day

"A womans hair is one of the things that attracts a man and holds him in thrall. Your long, silken mass floats about you, whispering in your ear, clinging to your shoulders, sometimes caressing your breasts or curling about your waist; always brushing and caressing your back. It makes me want to play with it. It makes my fingers ache to touch you as possessively as it touches you. It conjures visions of lying with you and becoming erotically entangled in it. Lynx threaded his fingers into her hair, lifted it high, then let it fall about her like a waterfall.

"This soft wool dress clings to your breasts so cunningly, it has been more arousing to me today than if you had walked about naked. He moved behind her so that he could cover the upthrusting globes with his palms. Jane watched in fascination as her nipples peaked and stood out jewel-hard. She gasped with delight as his thumbs brushed over the sensitive tips.

"And now we come to the heart of the matter. Your womans center is decorated with a ruby! It has winked at me, teased me, taunted me, and tempted me to madness the entire day. Even in the chapel, or I should say especially in the chapel. I wanted to lay you on the altar and sacrifice myself upon you."

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