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You and No Other

I don't believe in "love at first sight," but I definitely believe in "lust at first sight."

The question is, when does wild infatuation turn to love? Lust can't last forever. Love can.

My latest release, You and No Other, is my take on the subject.

Remember, as a romance writer, I spend my days staring at a computer screen mulling over why people fall in love. (This is not strange behavior. Imagine what Stephen King and Clive Barker spend their time considering!) The question isn't just why do people fall in love, but what makes them stay in love?

Why do some people stay married for 50 years, enjoying every moment, while another couple splits after a mere 25 years? When does love die-or was it ever there at all? And why is it that two people can build a happy marriage after a week's courtship (ah, yes, love at first sight) while another couple can live together for years, only to discover they can't stand each other once a wedding vow is spoken?

I enjoy hearing from people about how they first met The One. Occasionally, a couple will tell me they both knew instantly that this was "it." More often than not, "love at first sight" is one-sided. He may have known immediately that she was The One, but she thought he was a dork...still, there was something about him that kept her seeing him again and again. Like lust, right?

In You and No Other, shipping magnate James Ferrington falls head over heels in lust with widowed Lady Caroline Pearson. The last thing Caroline tells herself she wants in her life is another man. So, why does she kidnap James and lock him up in her cellar?

By the way, whenever I write a book, I always play with a fairy tale theme. I believe romances, like the best fairy tales, have mythic qualities and this concept helps me with character development. In my first book, the award- nominated All Things Beautiful, I had fun with Beauty and the Beast. With my last release, Treasured Vows, Phadra Abbott and her toe bells were my homage to Peter Pan. (But you knew that, didn't you? And she was Peter, not Tinker Bell.)

In You and No Other, I toy with the Sleeping Beauty story. However, since Sleeping Beauty is a dull role, I start my story after the prince kisses the princess.

You see, Caroline, like so many of us, is caught up in the routine of dull respectability and never-ending responsibility. She needs to awaken to what life is really about and James is just the man to do it-although he has a few lessons to learn himself.

I hope you enjoy You and No Other.

Write Cathy at P.O. Box 1532, Midlothian, VA 23113.

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