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Stacey Jay

Genre: Contemporary Young Adult, Young Adult

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There's nothing quite like the stench of death to ruin a perfectly perfect homecoming dress. So discovers Megan Berry, zombie settler (think slayer) and star of Stacey Jay's You Are So Undead to Me, out now from Razorbill.

Picking the monster to star in her series was a no-brainer for Jay. "I just love zombies," she says. "Is there anything scarier than a rotted corpse bursting from the ground all hungry for living flesh? Zombies were the only choice for me."

Readers will also be pleased to discover that Megan is a smart and capable character, a move Jay says was deliberate. "I just can't stand heroines who are TSTL (too stupid to live)," says the author.

And she has two tough critics right at home with her to keep her heroine on track. "My older girls --the only kids in my house who can read, the boys are still learning letters and spitting up on all my good shirts -- have even less of a tolerance for those kinds of leading ladies," Jay says. "Stupid just isn't cool, and the girls would have let me know if I'd created an uncool character."

Up next for Jay and Megan is a sequel, tentatively titled Undead Much?, out from Razorbill in early 2010.


1. Wear comfortable shoes. Running in heels is for actress crime-fighter types who worry about their legs looking thinner on camera. Zombies don't care about size; all legs are suitable for "nomming."

2. Carry a light, fruity body spray to combat the funky smell of grave dirt. Avoid musky scents like patchouli that tend to exaggerate The Stank.

3. Ditch the sparkly earrings. You don't want to be the one to test the zombies-are-not-drawn-to-shiny-objects theory.

4. Take a moment to pull back your hair. Even in cases where protruding ears might draw the attention of flesh-hungry corpses looking for a small, cartilage-y snack, it's still best to have your hair out of your face.

4. All black, all the time. It's slimming, blends in with the night and can easily go from sealing graves to making boys your slaves with just a little lip gloss (and those sparkly earrings, if you can find them. Boys definitely seem to be drawn to shiny objects.)

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