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As You Desire

It's that time of year again. Winter in Minnesota. But then, it's been winter in Minnesota since the first of October. I know the rest of the country enjoyed something called autumn-crimson colored country hillsides, frosted pumpkins, bright mohair berets and matching mittens.

Autumn's for wimps. Here in Minnesota, we bypass the picturesque segue and leap feet first into butt blistering cold (that's a Minnesotanism). While the rest of you were munching caramel apples and frolicking in leaf piles, here on the tundra we've been testing NASA's newest sub-sub zero space suits for Dark-Side-of-the-Moon explorations and monitoring the annual southern migration of musk ox herds. (How did you think the Farmer's Almanac does such terrific weather predictions? That's right. Minnesota musk-ox spotters.) And when those duties are done, we who write romance novels, write 80% of them. Hey. It's a long winter.

I'm telling you straight off, I put last winter to good use. I wrote as you desire, my most romantic book to date. My hero is scandalously charming, none too ethical, unrepentant treasure-hunter Harry Braxton. Harry wears the label "rogue" with such panache and enthusiasm, it would have been a sin to rehabilitate him, so I didn't. Instead, I found him a heroine who was his equal both in courage and attitude. Unsophisticated, artless young Desdemona Carlisle-linguistic genius, closet romantic-fit the bill. And she was more than happy to fall madly, deeply in love with Harry.

Unfortunately, Harry believes that the secret stigma he carries would ultimately hurt Desdemona. In an uncharac-teristic fit of nobility, he makes sure she got over "her infatuation." But years later, when Harry's aristocratic Heathcliff look-alike cousin arrives and lays claim to Desdemona's affections, my knight-in-tarnished armor damns the consequences, vowing to do anything to reclaim the treasure he once relinquished, the one treasure he finds he cannot live without-Desdemona's love.

If only Desdemona, who is no longer quite so unsophisticated or so artless, will cooperate.

Oh, Harry.

If you love Indiana Jones' 'It ain't the years, it's the miles" type wit, if you wept over Rick's years of devotion in "Casablanca," if the couple who break up but never quite break away from each other, but instead struggle, laugh and coerce their way back to a fine, sigh-worthy ending are your cup of tea, please try As You Desire.

I'd love to hear what you think. Please write me at P.O. Box 828, Hopkins, MN 55343. In the meantime, musk ox number 5,327 just wandered through the backyard...

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