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by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Genre: Paranormal Romance, E-book, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Helena’s tense body swooned when the force of his lips met hers. He pulled her greedily into his hard frame and moved his strong hands to grip her waist. It felt like he had claimed her as his personal prize. It felt euphoric. Owned by a sex god!

Wait! What the hell am I doing? She broke the kiss and pushed him away again. “This is insane. I don’t know who you are or how I got here, but you have to let me go. You have the wrong person.”

He smiled devilishly. “Afraid not, my dear Helena. Fate has united us.”

Helena raised her brow in question.

“However, you are correct, Bella. This is insanity. And as much as I would like to show you the depths of my lunacy—and the things it is asking me to do to your succulent body at this very moment—we must go. Before they come for me.”

That sounded ominous. “Who are ‘they’?” Wait. Did she want to know?

“It is forbidden to speak of such things to a human, but I vow the day will come when there will be no secrets between us.” The naked warrior held out his hand. “Come, mio cuore.”

Helena shivered. Something about that explanation left her feeling substantially more terrified. Why couldn’t humans know? And what exactly was he? If the scientist in her had no answers, then better not stick around to find out.

Helena nodded. She took his hand—it was cool to the touch, yet heated her skin at the same time—and followed him through the chamber toward the doorway. As they reached the passage, Helena nonchalantly dipped down and grabbed a golden statue. It reminded her of an Oscar. In fact, she could swear there was an inscription on its base.

Sally Field? Too dark to know for certain.

She quickly jumped and struck Niccolo in the back of his head with all her strength. He stumbled to the side. She squeezed past him down the passage.

The moment she burst from the temple into the night, the stupidity of her plan hit home. How far could she get?

At least he was barefoot, bare everything—sigh—and she still had on her low-tops. That might give her the advantage. Question was, would she find her way back to civilization? She had to try.

Helena pushed frantically with her hands through rough branches and vines. They lashed at her face and scratched her arms and legs. She ran straight into a tree trunk.

She cupped her nose. Ow! That hurt!

Thankfully, it wasn’t broken.

She slid around the enormous tree, panting and sweating. She continued on with her hands extended, wondering if running through the jungle, unable to see a goddamned thing, was actually more dangerous than trying her luck with that man. Were there any cliffs around here?

Helena tripped and landed on her knees, reopening the cut. “Son of a—” She cupped her hands over her mouth. She quickly picked herself up and slammed right into something hard again. Another tree? She probed hesitantly with her hands.

Nope. Not a tree.

“Well, well…What have we here?” said a deep, unfamiliar voice.

Helena screamed.

Two steel hands grasped her shoulders. “Hush, hush, now…” The voice was low and menacing.

She couldn’t see so much as an outline of a body or face. “Who the hell are you?”

“I go by Rodrigo. You may call me ‘Lucky.’ It’s been eons since I’ve dined on such a pure Forbidden, and your fresh blood smells…”—he paused and inhaled deeply—“divine.”

Yes. Running away had been a bad choice. Helena kicked and fought, but whatever held her was a thousand times stronger. She suddenly felt his hot tongue run down her neck.

“Ummm. Delicious.”

He tasted her? Holy shit! “Let me go!” Helena shrieked. The man wrapped his unyielding arms around her waist and crushed her into his body.

“Release her, Rodrigo.” Niccolo’s deep voice sliced through the night like a welcome knife. “Or I will rip out your entrails and force you to swallow them. Repeatedly.”

Rodrigo froze, but did not loosen his painful grip on her body. Like a caveman trying to hold on to a drumstick, she thought.

“So, the anonymous tip was right.” Rodrigo’s voice was filled with arrogance. “You’re just the vampire we’ve been looking for.”

Vampire? Did he just say “vampire”? Helena’s frazzled body took what little energy it had left to resist fainting. She shook her head.

“And, let me compliment your fashionable attire, my friend. Is naked the new black?” said Rodrigo.

Apparently, the two men could see each other. That figures; all monsters can see in the dark.

“I am uncertain of what happened to the old black while I have been indisposed,” Niccolo replied flatly. “But I have no interest in indulging your urges to discuss my legendary body. I do, however, want you to let my woman go.”

My woman?