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by Cindi Madsen

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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When Brynn glanced up from her phone, she noticed something in Sawyer’s eyes — she swore he was looking at her like she was…pretty. Her heart swelled and she got that fresh-off-a-roller-coaster feeling. Everyone else — everything else — disappeared.

Her hand moved to his face like it had a mind of its own. She ran her palm down his stubbled cheek. “You look nice. Very writerly.”

He grinned. “You look nice, too. Very…” His eyes ran down her, burning every spot they touched. “I don’t even know the right word. And I use words all day.”

She laughed. “Where as the rest of us don’t?”

He slipped his hands behind her waist, pulling her to him. She could feel the heat coming off him, and it was distracting to say the least. “Ah, back to mocking me again. You think I’m just going to let you get away with that?”

Her heart pounded against her rib cage, and being this close was making her lightheaded in a way that made clarity seem overrated. “You walked right into it. Really, you only have yourself to blame.” 

Her phone dinged again, vibrating in her pocket. “I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta go.” She reluctantly pulled away, hating how cold she suddenly felt without her body pressed against his. And for a crazy moment, she considered asking him to come to dinner. Confessing everything and turning whatever this was between them, into a real possibility.

But then she remembered the only reason he was this interested was because she’d been pretending to be someone else whenever she was around him. And according to what he said yesterday, he wasn’t even sure he was staying here permanently. In a way, that might be good. If she crashed and burned during this dating test-run — which, let’s face it, wouldn’t be all that surprising — he’d leave again, taking her humiliation with him.

Still, she couldn’t get over the way he was smiling at her, genuine happiness swimming in his green eyes. How his hand drifted back to her waist, as though he couldn’t help himself.

He seems…like he might seriously be interested. In me.

Now she was imagining things. Dreaming them up like she always did, making every gesture mean more than it did. He didn’t care about her. She was a mystery, like Paul told her to be. It was possible he was only looking for a temporary girl while he was here, and she happened to be the closest.

“I’ll catch you later,” she said as though she didn’t care either way.

“You have my number,” he said as she retreated. When she glanced back, he was still watching her like there wasn’t anyone else in the room.