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by Maureen Smith

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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Remy held out his hand to Zandra. “Dance with me.”

She hesitated, biting her lip. She’d had the same panicked look when he’d asked her to dance at Roderick and Lena’s wedding reception. But as a bridesmaid, she’d known that she couldn’t refuse to dance with the best man without raising some eyebrows.

Thankfully she didn’t refuse now.

As Remy pulled her into his embrace, she slipped her arms around his neck. As her soft, luscious breasts melted into his chest, he stifled a groan of pleasure and closed his eyes. His arms circled her waist, his hands resting just above the plump curve of her ass. She was the perfect height for him—not too short or tall. Just right.

Like everything else about her.

As they began swaying together, he bent his head to murmur in her ear, “I bet you made my grandfather feel thirty years younger.”

Zandra smiled. “Grandma Eleanor already does that for him.”

“True,” Remy agreed, following the direction of her gaze. He smiled when he saw his grandparents grinning affectionately at each other as they slow danced. “They’re amazing. Married sixty years and still going strong.”

“I know,” Zandra marveled softly. “Your parents are pretty remarkable too, going on forty years. I can’t even imagine what that’s like.”

“Neither can I,” Remy murmured, “but I hope to find out someday. Don’t you?”

Zandra met his probing gaze for a long moment, then glanced down, her black lashes shadowing her high cheekbones. She didn’t answer him.

They danced in silence, their bodies moving as one to the rhythmic purr of steel drums. A gentle breeze blew tendrils of Zandra’s hair across Remy’s face, a soft caress. He could feel the heat of her skin beneath her lightweight dress. And the scent of her, exotic fruit and sultry woman, was an intoxicating aphrodisiac. 

His hands tightened around her hips, tilting her closer. He heard her breath quicken, felt her nipples pucker against his chest. Blood rushed to his groin. If his family hadn’t been around, he would have palmed her curvy butt cheeks and ground himself against her.

All too soon the slow song ended, melting into an uptempo soca number.

Zandra backed out of Remy’s arms, but to his immense relief she didn’t walk away or look for another partner. Holding his gaze, she stepped right into the dance, rolling her hips with a mesmerizing sensuality that took his breath away.

They moved rhythmically together, rocking from side to side, grooving and winding as the music pulsed between them.

When an electronic chord sizzled through the song, Remy dipped Zandra backward, then twirled her around. The hem of her dress flew up, teasing him with a glimpse of her smooth bare thighs. 

He licked his lips, his shaft hardening painfully at the thought of those luscious thighs wrapped around his back as he thrust into her. Blood pumping, adrenaline soaring, he grabbed her around the waist and hauled her into his arms…