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by Debra Webb

Genre: Romantic Suspense

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“We should talk, Addy.” Enough with dancing all around the past.

“You keep saying that but” she shook her head “there’s nothing to talk about. It’s been a long time.” Addy looked at him then, really looked. “There’s nothing to say.  Too much water has gone under the bridge. It’s all irrelevant at this point.”

“Wait.” Wyatt nabbed her by the arm before she could go inside. “There are things that need to be said, no matter how much water has gone under the bridge. And it damned sure isn’t irrelevant.”

“Fine.” She turned her face up to his. “Then say what you have to say. If that’s what it takes to put this behind us. Just get it over with so we can focus on the case.”

Wyatt wasn’t sure saying the words would ever be enough...for him. “I was wrong.” His chest cramped. “What I did was wrong. I’ve had a long time to consider what I should have done. I should have backed you up.”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “That’s what you should’ve done.  But you didn’t. Okay.” She reached for the door again. “I’m glad we had this little talk.”

He didn’t let go, pulled her back around and manacled her other arm to keep her from jerking out of his hold. “So you’re never going to forgive me?” The feel of her hair draped over his hands almost undid him. He wanted to release her and thread his fingers in that sexy, silky mane.

“I’m done talking, Wyatt.” She flattened her palms against his chest and gave him a push to get him out of her personal space.

He didn’t budge. “Maybe I don’t deserve your forgiveness,” he went on, frustration pulsing through him. “But I don’t want you to think that I haven’t paid a price.”

“Oh, gee, that’s too bad.” She tried to shake off his hold. “I hate to think you’ve suffered all this time. Let’s see.” Her lips pinched in anger. “My own family threatened to kill me if I didn’t leave. Only because my boss, the fucking sheriff, had plotted to have me killed and it didn’t work out. I had to move away from everything I’d ever known.” Fury blazed in those blue eyes. “Oh, and let’s not forget how the man I loved kept his mouth shut when he knew the truth. I think maybe I paid a little more than you, wouldn’t you say?”

Her lips trembled and he lost any hold whatsoever on his sanity. His mouth covered hers. It was a mistake, he knew. But he had to kiss her. She fought him at first...then she gave in...kissed him back.

So many times he’d dreamed of kissing her again. Had awakened with his heart pounding after dreaming of touching her.

He released her arms, plunged his fingers into her hair the way he’d longed to do all night. Soft, luscious silk. He cradled her head, kept her mouth fixed firmly against his when she tried to pull away.

Then her body relaxed. She opened, welcomed his tongue inside her mouth. He slid one hand down her back and pressed her into his body. Her arms went around his neck, her legs around his waist.

No more more thinking.


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