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by Kele Moon

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

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“Danny Boy,” Eve whispered as she placed her hands on his chest to hold him back, not knowing how to convey that it was more than having gone so long without a lover. It was the fact this was with Danny, a man who should have never been interested in her and was so far out of her league she felt as if she were caught in a dream. More than that, it was about Paul, who still owned a large portion of her heart.

Becoming involved with his best friend was asking for heartache. “I’m scared.”

“Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac.”

Danny grabbed both her hands, pulling her closer until Eve suddenly found herself flattened against his hard chest.

When she sucked in a gasp of surprise he leaned down and kissed her. It was the shock of it that had her yielding to him, her lips parting to his simply because she had never had a man kiss her like that, his tongue sliding into her mouth as if it belonged to him.

It was his scent, expensive cologne and tobacco. It was the feel of a hard male body against hers when it had been so long. It was his beauty and magnetism that had her melting into him, heedless of his mouth conquering hers or his hard grip on her wrists. Her moan was breathy, stifled by Danny’s powerful kiss as she arched into him. The fire of desire sparked through her veins and flowed through her body in a dizzying rush she hadn’t felt since she was a teenager when the naïveté of youth and the pulse of the forbidden made everything much more exciting.

With a jolt she realized Danny was making her ache like Paul used to make her ache. She had searched for ten years for some way to capture the essence of something so surreally transcendent she would literally smolder for a taste of it. She had sworn to herself if she could find another man who made her burn like Paul made her burn she would seize him and never let go—not again.

Eve kissed Danny back, swallowing his groan as her tongue followed his, sweeping into his mouth hungrily as she wrenched her hands out of his and tangled her fingers into his dark hair. She held tightly, pulling the silky strands roughly as her body leapt ahead of her mind and soul and sought to hold on to a taste of the divine.

Danny held on just as tightly, his arms wrapping around her, his hands sliding underneath her t-shirt to run up her back. The feeling of his fingers on her bare skin made her languid in his arms. Her head fell back as she broke the kiss with a breathy moan of desire. Danny’s lips fell to the line of her neck, nipping and kissing their way down to the curve of her shoulder as he effortlessly unhooked her bra.

Her fingers tightened in his hair, tugging impatiently. “Need you,” she gasped out urgently, hoping to convey her desperation with those few words because she was suddenly breathless. “Please.”

“Since you asked sweetly,” Danny breathed against the sensitive skin behind her ear. “Sure, sweetheart.”

Eve groaned when Danny suddenly let go, her body mourning his loss instantly. He reached behind him and tugged at the neck of his shirt, pulling it off in one fluid motion and tossing it aside.

“Oh, wow,” Eve rasped, staring at Danny’s bare chest with wide eyes. After eleven months of celibacy was the wrong time to be with a man as handsome and sexually potent as Danny. She leaned back against the table to keep from falling to her knees as her eyes ran over him hungrily, taking in the beautiful lines of his defined chest. “You’re gorgeous, Danny Boy.”

“So are you,” Danny whispered, his gaze running over her in a hot, possessive sweep that made her feel as if he were touching her with a look. He stepped closer and Eve was so desperate she arched into him before he touched her. “I’ve wanted you forever—you’re the only woman I ever really wanted, Evie Girl. This feels too good to be true.”

She felt herself get weak, tilting her head to stare at him in disbelief. “Is that true?”

Danny leaned into her, one hand resting against the table, trapping her against the wood. He bent down, capturing her lips again.

Eve could taste his pain then, the longing that came from a lifetime of waiting. She would never figure out how he managed to convey that much love and agony in a simple kiss, but he did. That was all it took for a love she had never expected to burst to life inside her heart, resting beside the blossom that had never wilted for his best friend. Eve was too far gone to ponder the ramifications of what he had done by dividing her heart in two because her body responded to the feel of him, making her throb for more than what he was giving her.

For the first time in her life, a kiss made her weak in the knees. She would have fallen if Danny’s arm hadn’t wrapped around her, anchoring her to him as his tongue pushed deeper into her mouth, as if knowing it was suddenly his to plunder.

The two of them lacked grace as they fell heavily to their knees on the hardwood floor. Their lips parted when Danny wrenched her shirt over her head. He tossed it aside and then tugged at her unhooked bra, pulling it off easily. Despite her body that was pulsing with need and Danny’s declarations, Eve still felt her nakedness self-consciously, being very aware of how beautiful Danny was and remembering the pristine girls he had dated in high school.

“If you’d been mine, I never would’ve let you go to New York without me,” Danny said in a raspy whisper. “I would have followed you.”

Eve closed her eyes, her heart jolting for a different reason. “Don’t talk about him. Not now, not like this.”

“You still love him,” Danny said knowingly, the pain evident in his voice.

It wasn’t in Eve to deny that, so she leaned into him instead, gripping at his shoulders and dipping her head down to lick at the curve of his neck. She savored the low groan of defeat from Danny as he ran his fingers through her long hair.

“Come here,” Danny said in a silken voice, using his grip on her hair to tilt her head back. Eve found herself looking into dark eyes swirling with lust and something darker, a wild possessiveness that had Eve suddenly thankful she hadn’t admitted she was still hopelessly in love with Paul. She leaned in closer to him impatiently and a smile tugged at his lips in response, making him look almost evil. “Love me or not, I’m going to make you mine.”

Eve shuddered, her eyes drifting closed. “If you say so,” she whispered and then parted her lips in a silent plea for more.