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by Christie Craig

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Tyler’s gaze met hers, and he said, “I think I’ll call it a night.” He popped up.

“But it’s early.” Zoe tried not to sound too disappointed.

“Yeah, but I think I’ll read.”

He was avoiding her, and that was exactly what she didn’t want. She wanted…she wanted what he’d offered earlier and she’d turned down—three weeks of wonderful before she left Texas. “Why don’t…we could play Scrabble.”

His gaze tightened. “Scrabble?”

“I saw the game in the hall closet.” She retrieved the Scrabble game. “What do you say? One game?” And a little more time to convince him to make a move on her.

She saw the answer flash in his eyes. He was going to turn her down. Her chest ached, and she knew if he walked away from her now, she wouldn’t get the courage to do this. She’d talk herself out of it.

“We could make it interesting…put a wager on the table.” She smiled.

She saw puzzlement in his eyes. Before she realized what she intended to say, she’d said it. “Let’s wager our clothes.”

Feeling her cheeks grow hot, she looked down and fiddled with the wooden shelves that held the letters. She could feel him staring. What the hell had she done?

She waited for him to laugh at her.

“Strip Scrabble?” His voice sounded deeper than before.

“Yup.” Still not looking up, the embarrassment spread all the way to her toes.

She heard him mutter something under his breath. He sat in the leather chair across the coffee table.

She looked up. Their eyes met, her heart raced. “You playing or not?”


Hell yes, Tyler was playing. They set the rules, so many points for an article of clothing, and he reached into the bag to get his letters. But what kind of game was she playing? He didn’t mean Strip Scrabble. He meant the game she was playing with him. Was this her way of saying yes to his three-week proposal? He almost said, let’s skip the game and go to the bedroom. But he spotted a flicker of nervousness in her gaze. If this was how she wanted it to go…Hell, Strip Scrabble had to be fun.

He’d have her naked and in his arms before she could say double-word score.

But then she won the first play. She set out her word—zephyr. She looked up. “It means—”

“I know what it means.” He calculated her score. The E landed on the double letter. With the double-word square added in, she’d earned fifty points. And he’d lost two articles of clothing.

She looked up with a wicked smile. Sexy as hell, too.

He countered that smile with one of his own because he’d just figured out his word, and Zoe was about to lose two articles of clothing herself.

He stood up and reached for the snap of his jeans. Yup, he was going to enjoy this game.