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by Opal Carew

Genre: Erotic Romance

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“So you’re a reporter.” J.M. handed Kara a glass of cranberry juice then sat down in the chair opposite her.

“I have a column with Urban Woman magazine.”

“That’s why you had my book in your bag.” He took a sip of his apple juice.

“That’s right.” Kara glared at him. “Why did you lie about that?”

“I didn’t lie.”

“You didn’t tell me you were the author.”

He shrugged. “You made it clear you didn’t like Tantra. I saw no reason to embarrass you.”

Kara felt some of her indignation dissipate. It would have been terribly embarrassing to find out he was the author after what she’d said about the book — and trust J.M. to want to spare her feelings. In the end, however, hiding it had caused her more embarrassment, as she remembered how she’d accused him of just wanting to sell books. That wasn’t J.M. She might not believe in Tantra, but it seemed clear he did, and with his integrity he wasn’t just selling books, he was sharing an idea he believed in deeply.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to this conference,” she accused.

“You didn’t tell me, either.”

She crossed her arms. “Well, of course not. If a woman tells a man she’s going to a conference on sex, he’s going to hit on her.”

He grinned. “So, you thought if you didn’t tell me, we wouldn’t wind up in bed together? That plan didn’t work too well.”

At his teasing tone, her hands clenched into fists and she sent him an icy glare. Which didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

“Well, similarly,” he continued, “my feeling is that if a man tells a woman he’s going to a conference on sex, she’ll think he’s a sex maniac or a weirdo.”

She pursed her lips together. Damn, she hadn’t thought of that. Why did he have to make so much sense?

He leaned toward her. “I think you didn’t tell me because you wanted me to believe you weren’t in the city so I wouldn’t suggest we get together.”

Her cheeks flushed. Damn it.

“Look, Kara, I know you didn’t expect to see me here ... and I’m sure you didn’t plan on spending the night with me.” He smiled, warmth emanating from his chocolate brown eyes. “But we did and it was fabulous. Can’t we just be happy to see each other again?”

She stared at him uncertainly, unfolding her arms and resting her hands on her thighs under the table. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she was happy to see him again.

“I assume you have to do this interview for your job. Why not give me a chance to tell you about Tantra? I promise not to try to subvert you.”

The last of her anger dissipated. He was right. She had a job to do and right now that meant interviewing J.M.

“Of course.” She reached into her bag and pulled out her notebook and pen, then opened the notebook and glanced at him. “I have a number of questions prepared, so —”

He stood up and gently tugged the notebook and pen from her hand, then drew her to her feet. His touch sent her senses reeling.

“I think you’ll benefit more from a ... hands-on approach.”

“But I —”

He grinned. “Don’t worry, I just want to show you a couple of things, then you can write down your impressions.” He drew her to the couch and urged her to sit. “I’ll be happy to answer your questions afterward.”

“I don’t know....”

He sat beside her and placed his hand on her back. Instantly, heat emanated from him to her.

“Remember when I did this on the plane to help you deal with takeoff?”

She nodded. How could she forget?

“The heat you’re feeling is healing energy.”

“So Tantra is about healing? How does that fit with sex?”

“It’s actually a universal energy flowing through my body and into yours. As a person works with energy over time, they can learn to direct it. It can be used for healing.” He smiled.

“Or to help two people join in a much more intimate way.”

She shifted on the couch and he drew his hand from her back.

“When two people make love, they enjoy a physical bond.”

She gazed into his eyes, her insides trembling as she remembered the sensational physical bond they’d shared the other night.

“With Tantra, lovers can enhance their lovemaking with an energy bond that joins them more intimately than straight physical sex ever can.”

“That sounds like what people say love does for a sexual relationship.”

“Of course, love is the highest form of energy, but even people in love can improve their lovemaking with Tantra. When two people are aware of the energy flowing through their bodies, they can direct it in a way to enhance pleasure. Then sex can be more spectacular than they could imagine.”

“You ... uh ...” She stood up and paced across the room. His potent male presence so close to her threatened her composure. “... mention in your book about a man holding off on climaxing. Why is that?”

“To build up the energy. A woman builds energy by having an orgasm, but a man expels the energy every time he ejaculates. That’s different from having an orgasm, by the way. A man can have an orgasm without ejaculation. Most men don’t know how, but Tantra training teaches that.”

“But I thought that ... ejaculation ... was the definition of an orgasm for a man.”

“Most people think that a man’s orgasm and releasing of the sperm are the same thing, but it’s not true. With training, a man can learn to come to orgasm while still keeping ejaculation firmly contained.” He grinned. “Which, of course, has a lot of benefits for the woman.”

“When we ...” Her cheeks flushed. “The other night, you ... I was sure you actually ...”

“Yes, I did. We’d already established you were anti-Tantra. I certainly didn’t want to bring it up then and, if I didn’t climax, I thought you’d be disappointed. You might think I wasn’t turned on enough by you.” He stood up and approached her, then stroked her cheek. “I don’t want you to have any doubt about how much you turn me on.”

The heat of his touch shimmered through her. She wanted to stroke his raspy cheek and kiss those full, sexy lips of his.

She stepped toward the table. “That’s very interesting about holding off. How long can you do it?”

“Hold an erection? Indefinitely.”

“Really?” She licked her dry lips. “You mean like ... half an hour?”

“I mean hours.” His deep velvet voice stroked her senses. “I can hold off on ejaculation for months. Building the energy until I decide to let it go.”


She rested her hand on the back of the chair, suddenly weak-kneed. She didn’t know whether to tear off her clothes and drag him into her arms or to fight this incredible heat simmering between them with everything she had.

When he’d made love to her that night, it had been spectacular ... and he hadn’t used his Tantra techniques. Just how good could it get?