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by Maggie Shayne

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Demetrius heaved a deep sigh and got to his feet, noticing that Sid, his assistant, was standing by the French doors that led back inside the mansion. “What was it you came to tell me?”

“Oh. Right. Well, there’s a man who keeps calling. A priest.”

Demetrius felt a frisson of fury race up his spine, and the thought that accompanied it was, I detest priests. But he didn’t know why he should feel that way. “What does he want?”

“He refuses to tell me. Says he can only talk to you, but that he has information you need.” Sid shrugged. “I figure he’s going to try to save your soul and change your sinful ways, or maybe he’s just looking for a hefty donation. But he’s been so persistent that I finally took his number and promised to pass it along. I sent it your smartphone.”

“Thanks, Sid.”

Sid sighed, started to go back inside, then hesitated. “You probably shouldn’t mention all that underworld stuff, or the three witches or the rest of it, to anyone, okay, boss?”

“Gus told me much the same thing when we were in New York. Don’t worry, Sid. I’ll keep it to myself from now on.”

“Okay. Good. Later, Boss.”

“Later, Sid.”

He sat there for a long moment, thinking. He wondered why he hated priests. Why one was trying to contact him now. He wondered where the third witch had gone after she’d flashed into existence in that alley–for that was surely who she had to be. He hadn’t been able to shake her from his mind since. He saw her every time he closed his eyes and in the face of every woman he bedded. She haunted his dreams, dancing exotically in ribbons of sheer fabric on the desert sands. Seducing him with her eyes. What did she have in store for him? And what was she waiting for?

And now there was a new player in this game of his earthbound existence. A priest. Demetrius wondered what information the priest had for him and realized there was only one way to find out. So he took out his phone, a device that frankly amazed him with its capabilities, pulled up the text message Sid had sent and then called the number.

When a male voice answered, deep and raspy, another inexplicable shiver crept up his spine. 

“Hello. This is–

“I know who this is,” the priest said. “I’ve been waiting for your call.”

Demetrius blinked down the odd sense of revulsion that rose in him. He didn’t know this man, so why should he feel so repelled? 

“Demetrius?” said the voice on the phone.

“Who are you?” Demetrius demanded. “And how do you know about me?”