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by Fiona Lowe

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Marc put her bags by the door and started pulling cushions off the couch. “I’m sorry, but the pull-away bed is the only spare.”

“No worries. It wasn’t like I was an expected guest.” She didn’t want to be extra work for anyone and she put her hand out for the sheet he’d pulled out of a cupboard. “I can make the bed.” 

He flicked the sheet out toward her and she lined up the folds with the edges of the mattress the way she’d been taught and folded it under with crisp hospital corners. She noticed he did the same. “You know your way around a bed.”

“I do.” His eyes shimmered a darker blue for a fraction of a second as his gaze seemed to absorb her.

A tremor of sensation streaked along her veins and every warning bell clanged loudly. Not that she needed protection from him but she surely needed protection from herself. She immediately changed the subject to a much safer topic. “Seeing as your sister is out of town how about I cook tea for you and your nephew.” 

He glanced at his watch, his lips twitching. “Is your definition of cooking boiling water?”

The question came out of left field. “I’m not Jamie Oliver but I can do a bit more than boil water.” 

“You said you’d cook tea. Isn’t that just boiling water and adding a tea bag? Kyle and I are hungrier than that.”

She swore she was in a parallel universe. On the surface things looked familiar, the words sounded similar and yet everything was so very, very different. She put the pillows in position and explained. “I’m talking about tea, the evening meal, not a cup of tea. That’s a cuppa.”

He threw a quilt onto the bed. “Here it’s supper.” 

That made sense. She often had a cup of tea and a snack before she went to bed. “So a cuppa is supper?” 

“No, a cuppa isn’t supper.”

“You don’t have a cuppa at supper?”

He grinned. “Not generally, no.”

She plonked down on the now-made bed totally confused. “Then what do you have for tea?”


“But you said you were hungrier than that.”

He sat down next to her, his weight causing the bed to tilt her closer to him. She smelled citrus and wood mixing with all male strength and power, an intoxicating combination. Then he smiled. Dimples carved into his cheeks, chasing away the serious expression he’d worn more often than not since she’d met him. He looked and smelled divine and her concentration completely collapsed. 

She started to laugh. Half out of confusion and half out of hysteria for the crazy swirling sensations that battered her whenever she was close to him. “Let me try and get this straight. If a cuppa isn’t supper and tea isn’t a cuppa…” But the giggles took hold and she couldn’t think at all. She fell back onto the bed, tears of laughter running down her cheeks. “I have no idea what we’re talking about.”