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by Jessica Sorensen

Genre: New Adult, Young Adult

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“Callie.” His voice is deep and husky. I’ve never had a guy use that kind of a voice on me.

I raise my chin up and encounter his intense gaze. “I’m sorry. I thought I was alone.” I shift my weight and the unsteadiness of the ground hurls me forward. I reach for the wall, lacing my fingers through the net and my knuckles brush his. Our faces are inches away. I can feel his breath and the heat from his body. If I leaned forward slightly, our lips would touch.

“Stay there,” he says in a low whisper and removes his fingers from the net.

I watch the outline of him move through the dark as he walks down the side and turns the corner so he’s standing at the end. The floor ripples under his steps and he holds onto the railing, heading straight for me.

I have no idea what he’s going to do when he reaches me, but the intensity in the air and the way his long limbs move with determination, make me think it’s going to be something I’ve never experienced before.

I rotate my body to face him and lace my fingers through the holes of the net, with my back to the wall, and my arms bent up beside my head. It’s dark enough that I can only see the outline of his face, but every once in a while the moving lights from outside shimmer in his eyes.

We’re breathing wildly, our chests heaving as he halts in front of me.

“I have a confession to make.” He places a hand at the side of my head and grabs onto the net. “This was a set up.”

I lick my lips nervously. “What was?”

“The whole challenge thing. I did it to get you up here alone.” His other hand grips the net so my head is confined between his arms. My heart dances inside my chest as he whispers, “I’m really sorry.”

He leans in, shutting his eyes, and for a second I contemplate running. I keep my eyes open until the very last second, and then suck in a breath as his lips touch mine. My knees buckle as his tongue delves deep inside my mouth and I clutch onto the net to keep from falling down.

Without question or hesitation, I untangle my fingers from the holes, and slide my hands up his chest, wrapping them around his neck. His hot breath is mixed with passion and tequila and his chest crushes against mine. A gasp escapes from my lips as his searing hot palms move down my back. He thrusts his tongue deeper into my mouth and grabs at my hips, drawing me closer as the floor sways under our feet.