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Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, E-book, Erotic Romance

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She knew that he was telling her the truth. This wasn’t merely a club where people changed partners and played out fantasies. For him at least it was a place of safety where he could be sure that the person he was with, and perhaps even wanted to love, shared his sexual tastes.

Realizing that this might well be the key to making him love her as she loved him, a terrible thought struck her. "What if you’re wrong about me? What if I fail because I don’t enjoy all these things you’re talking about – and right now I can’t imagine anything worse than having sex with strangers, not even the kind of sex I’m used to – what will happen to us?"

An expression of sadness crossed his face, and she realised she’d never seen him look sad before.

"You leave the Dining Club, and we part as friends," he said softly. "We’ll have had some great times along the way won’t we? But there wouldn’t be any point in keeping the relationship going, as it won’t be able to grow. Don’t worry though. I’m not wrong about you. Your body soaks up pleasure like a sponge. Now you’ll have the opportunity to experience ecstasy beyond your wildest dreams."

His deep voice enveloped her like a cloak, but part of her knew that it was a cloak of darkness.

'I’m afraid," she whispered against his chest.

His hands caressed her hair, his fingers stroking her scalp. "There’s nothing to be afraid of; I’ll be with you all the time. Even if I’m only watching, I’ll be there."

Leaning back she looked up at him as his hands slid down into the small of her back. "But if I fail, it will be over for us, won’t it?"

"Yes," he admitted reluctantly, "but I don’t want that to happen."

"Neither do I," responded Grace, shivering at the realisation of what she’d just learnt about this man she’d fallen in love with, and beginning to realize what lay ahead of her if she agreed to go through with the weekend in order to try and gain his love. "I don’t want to lose you," she repeated, "but I’m scared."

"Do it for me, Grace, for both of us. Trust me, you’ll never regret it."

He fixed his eyes on hers, as though trying to see into her soul, and Grace stood motionless, struggling with conflicting emotions as she tried to decide whether she wanted to leave now, or stay and take part in what The Dining Club was offering, a dangerous journey of sexual self-discovery for the sake of love.