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by M. Leighton

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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"Why so glad?” I ask, keeping talk to a minimum.

“Because I need someone to kiss right now. And it’s only us girls out here.” She pauses to look around. I do the same. But for us, the balcony is empty now. “Well, was,” she giggles. It appears everyone has left and wandered back inside. It’s just me and Marissa and the half million people milling around on the streets below us, some of them no doubt watching.

“Well, I’m here now,” I say, staring down into her almond-shaped eyes. She might be a frigid bitch most of the time, but she’s got some spice in her. I can see it in the smoky invitation of her gaze, in the sexy curve of her mouth.

“Yes, you are.” She leans into me, pressing her lips to mine. Moving my hand up her spine, I wind my fingers into her hair and tug her head back and to the side, deepening the kiss. I slide my tongue against hers and I feel the vibrations of her moan. She seems a bit unsure of herself at first, but it doesn’t take her long to respond to me.

She threads her fingers into my hair and holds me to her. She’s liking this, which will just make it that much sweeter for me.

I remove my fingers from her hair and drag them down the smooth skin of her bare back. I reach between her and the railing and give her ass a squeeze. I press her hips into mine and give her a little feel of what’s between my legs. I’m gratified when her fingers curl into a fist and tug at my hair.

“You like that?” I whisper against her mouth.

I can feel her shallow breath fanning my face. “Yes.”

“How ‘bout this?” I ask, grinding my rigid body into hers.

She does this breathy gasp-moan kind of thing and leans back to look at me. “I like that even more.”

She pulls my head back down to hers and lifts her leg, running her calf along the outside of my thigh, opening herself up to me a little more.

I slide my hand over her hip until I feel the skin of her bare leg. I run my palm up under her dress to the edge of her panties. With one quick jerk, I tear the wispy material. I feel her nails dig into my scalp. It just prods me to continue.