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by Mechele Armstrong

Genre: E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Joel didn’t answer but promptly kissed her silly. Had to be the kiss that got her giggling as they wound their way back to the elevator. Or maybe it was how they must look. Neither wanted to let go of the other long enough to walk down the hall. So they sidled like crabs to the elevator.

This time when the door opened, two Klingons, aliens from Star Trek, resided at the back of the elevator.

One of them curled his mouth up in a grimace at Joel and Sam as they entered. “Humans.” He then said something in Klingon dialect.

Sam pushed the eight button.

Joel didn’t let her go even after he was on the elevator with the Klingons glaring at them. He spoke in the same language the man had just spoken.

The Klingon leaned back his head and belted out a laugh. More words were said in the foreign tongue. He clapped Joel on the shoulder before he and his buddy got off on the seventh floor.

She glanced at Joel before the doors shut. “What did you say to him?” She needed to brush up on her Klingon.

“I said it wasn’t a good day to die because we hadn’t…” Joel scrunched up his nose. “…ummm well, mated yet. But that I had a beautiful woman at my side so it was a good day. That’s a loose translation.”

She rolled her eyes and stepped away from Joel. “I can’t believe you told him that. In Klingon.” She pushed at his chest as the doors opened again. Her floor. The moment of truth. She’d have to open her door and take this man into her hotel room. Then, there would no going back. She was going to have sex. With Joel.

“Hey I didn’t lie.” Joel pulled her back against him as they exited from the elevator.

“I do have a beautiful woman at my side.”

Sam’s knees knocked together. Every guy she’d dated had waxed poetic about her looks. But their poetry didn’t mean as much as that simple statement. Her stomach bottomed out to those shaking knees. She kissed him back with a fervor all her own.

Somehow they reached her hotel room without running into anyone else. And without letting go of the other.

But to get the door open required her to get into her pockets. Not an easy feat when a man was pressed tight against you and you didn’t want to lose that contact.

Finally, she did have to push against his chest. “I need to get my key out.” Damn hotels for going with the credit card keys too. A smaller key would have come from her pocket without having to disengage.

He moved his body away but not his mouth. They continued to kiss and let their tongues play as she managed to get the key from her pocket.

And promptly dropped it on the floor.

“Shit.” She tried to peek on the floor and see where it had gone. No luck. She couldn’t find the damn thing.

He moved his lips away from hers.

Her swollen and needy lips tingled with the roughness of his kisses. Her breasts felt suddenly tender too. As though her bra confined them too strictly and they wanted out. They felt swollen too.

He glared at her as she hesitated bending down to retrieve what would get them into the promised land. “Get. The. Key.”

Oh yes, she was supposed to be doing something. Not just sitting there like a bump on a log. She winced at the frustration in his voice. “Oh.” She pushed him further away and managed to bend down and snag the wayward key.

One insertion and a green light later, they were inside the cool hotel room. She’d left the air conditioning on because she liked a cold room to sleep in.

He shut the door behind them. Slung the chain lock into place as though they needed more than a locked door to keep out the world outside that door. If it were up to her, she’d barricade the door too like they were facing some zombie attack. But there might be an easier solution.

She grabbed the “Do Not Disturb” sign, unlocked the door, put it outside on the doorknob, and locked it back with the chain too.

He shook his head and grabbed for her. “I knew there was a reason I lov…liked you.” He moved in to press his body against her.

A minor slip of the tongue. No way he could be in love with her yet. But it sure made her heart beat like a race car engine to even hear the start of those words toward her.

“So where were we?” she asked, as his hands touched her skin, igniting fires.

Nothing could quell this raging volcano inside of her. Fuck sacrificing a virgin to quell a volcano. She hadn’t been one of those in a while anyways. Perhaps the only thing that could quell her heat was being with him in the most intimate of ways. It was worth a shot to see.

His lips snagged hers, running his tongue against the seam of her lips before pulled back to say, “Right here."