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by Jenna Kernan

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Nocturne, Series

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With an evil force hell-bent on destruction, two enemies must unite to find a truth that turn all-too-personal when passions collide.

“Who are you?” he snarled.

She lifted her chin. “Your better.”

His smile was cold. “Such arrogance could only come from a Niyanoka.”

She nodded. “Why are you here?”

“I don’t know.” He glanced about her room. “I asked the birds to take me to a healer.”

“And they have done so. Is that all you asked?”

“No. To lead them away from my friends.” His eyes fluttered and she saw them roll over white. 

Jessie straightened, preparing to flee but he roused himself mastering the momentary weakness. His eyes snapped open, locking on her.

Her heart hammered as she inched back. 

“Lead who away?” she whispered, suddenly afraid of the answer.

“The ghosts. Nagi sent them to attack me, so I would bring them to her.”

The wolf must be deranged, because Nagi did not send ghosts to attack living creatures. He captured the evil ones after their death if they refused to walk the Way of Souls, forcing them to face judgment. 

“Her? The healer you seek is also female?”

“Michaela. She’s Niyanoka, like you. The last Seer of Souls and Nagi wants her dead.”

Jessie fell back to her seat on the carpet as the possibility of this ricocheted in her brain. Could it be true? 

“Why should I believe you?” But she knew why. His black aura, the part that said he had been touched by death. Only a ghost could do that. But it made no sense.

Why would Nagi hunt one of her people and why would a Skinwalker want to protect her? She had been trained since birth to hate Skinwalkers, to consider them a threat.

His intent blue eyes pinned her. Jessie felt her mouth go dry as she considered the impossible. Could the trickster be speaking the truth? Great Mystery, what evil was this?

She stared in astonishment. There was one way to find her answers. But she had never even met a Skinwalker before and so did not even know if they dreamed.

But if he dreamed, she would have her chance to learn the truth.