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by Yasmine Galenorn

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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I turned back to Morio and he laid me down in the grass, his lips fastening against mine, and all I could think of was how good he smelled—dusty, like the warm promise of summer. As I sank into the kiss, every inch of my body felt lit aflame. He lowered his lips to my neck, sucking gently, and I began to ache, craving his touch, longing to have him inside me.

I tried to shift positions so I could wrap my arms around him, but he grasped my wrists. A shiver raced through me as he pushed me back to trail a path of kisses down my breasts. He tongued my right nipple, then took it in his mouth and sucked hard, giving me a little nip. I cried out, so aroused that I could barely stand it. But I remained silent as the drums continued to guide him on.

He let go, turning so his lips could linger over my stomach, then down farther, and I gently spread my legs as he lowered his head between them, stroking my clit with his tongue, firing me up, bathing me with his love. Shaking, I cried out, but he rose again, grabbing my hands and holding them to my sides as he once again burrowed deep between my thighs. The stroke of his tongue, the feel of his lips, sent me into a spiral, and I couldn’t stop, but let out a long shriek as I came hard and swift.

As I came, Morio rose to his knees, his eyes fully topaz, and I could tell he was trying not to shift. When he was in demonic form, our sex was rough, harsh, and powerful—and I loved it—but today he kept control of his urges and, instead, plunged inside me with a dark grunt, grinding to fill me with his cock. He held my hands over my head and I closed my eyes, letting his thrusts carry me away.

His hips swiveling against me, he drove me deep into the soft mulch of the soil, and the pungent scent filled my nostrils even as I thrust up to meet him, to give him the best leverage. The pulse of his cock inside of me mirrored the drumbeats that echoed through the air around us. As he slid in and out of my cunt, each stroke sent me higher into the sex haze that surrounded us.

For a second, I flashed back to our first tryst—under the spell of a Faerie Queen—but then my mind cleared and the power of our union grew strong as the magic we were building surged between us. Letting out a growl, I broke free and rolled him over, straddling him, his cock so deep in my pussy that I could swear we’d merged into one being. I rode him, rode him like a stallion, and as I looked up toward the opening to the clearing, there stood Trillian and Smoky.