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by Michele Hauf

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Blu had been inside the club Violet before but not for any length of time.  Her ex-lover Ryan hadn’t liked the feel of it.  He preferred pool tables, baskets of week-old peanuts, and Nascar playing on half a dozen big-screen TVs in his bars.

She loved the atmosphere.  Trance music pulsed through her veins.  The purple lighting and violet fabric walls murmured all things sensuous and decadent.  The lights turned her hair and lips a strange bruised color.  All eyes followed as she sashayed down the hallway toward the purple dance floor lit from below.

Yeah, she could so work a crowd.

Before she gained the crowd’s edge, Creed’s hand slipped in hers and tugged her right.  She’d almost forgotten her husband.

“Dude, I was working it,” she sputtered, but not loud enough for him to hear over the growly music creeping through the air.   It was a heavy metal remake of “Send Me an Angel”.  She loved that song.

Hand in hand, they wandered the labyrinth of hallways and rooms designed for dark and dangerous liaisons.  Slick violet satin coated the walls.  The floors glittered with pinpoints of purple light illuminating no higher than her ankles.

Creed navigated the darkness with ease.  He wore a crisp black shirt and pants, and with his dark hair, he blended into the shadows.  But the diamonds at his cuffs glittered intermittently, giving away his position like a flashing GPS sensor.

At each corner, more purple beams of light shimmered up the walls.  The entire hallway sparkled as if a violet Milky Way.  Musty incense perfumed the air.  Blu suspected Creed had been here before because he did not pause at any turns, merely walked with purpose.

A man with a dark destination.  She did get off on that.

When they’d made the bargain that he would do something out of his comfort zone in exchange for her handing over her cell phone—all contact with her pack and friends—she hadn’t thought he’d actually go through with it.

The man did not cease to surprise her, and in an intriguing manner.

An amethyst crystal chandelier topped the large, but private room just off the dance floor.  The space wasn’t lit enough for the average human to see more than shadows and shapes of bodies, but she and Creed had excellent night vision.

He curled an arm around her waist, and she clasped her fingers in his hand over her hip.  Warm breath spilled down her neck.  Whisky.  Had he needed a loosen-up drink?

His nose nudged her hair and prickles of desire raced up Blu’s neck—until she imagined him nudging about for her vein.  She flinched from the heat of him.

“You nervous?” she asked.

“Not much.”

“Listen to the music.  ‘Send me an angel…’” she sang, “’right now.’  You want me to be your angel, Creed?”

“An angel?  You?  The heavens must have pushed you out.”

“That’s me.  I didn’t fall.  I was pushed.  But you like me still?”

His breath warmed her lips.  “I do.”

His close regard tickled her dangerously.  The brush of his crisp shirt along her bare arm heightened her sense of touch.  His deep voice mastered the noise and rumbled in her bones.  And he smelled darkly wicked.  It all worked for her right now.

Bobbing her head to the music, she scanned the room.

A couple clad in black leather passed.  The man, not seeing Blu clearly but obviously drawn toward her, brushed the back of his hand across her cheek.  The sensual touch switched her sensitivity from Creed’s voice to the sounds of moans and kissing in the room.

“Why don’t you select the one?” her husband whispered.

“Really?  Cool.  Any dislikes?”

“No drunks.”

“Definitely not.  No drugs, either.  I can smell an addict, and they’re all over this room.  Would you get drunk or high from their blood?”

“Yes.  And it would not be pleasant.”

Prowling forward, she took in the room.  Faces moved in and out of the shadows.  Violet light flashed on body parts, skin brushing skin, mouths open in surrender.  The whole scene enchanted her darkly.

“Something tall, dark, and ripped will fit the bill,” she said.

Creed’s fingers still entwined in hers, he caressed her hip and slid his hand along the side of her torso, toying with the buckles on the corset.  They were just for show, but she wouldn’t spoil his curiosity.

She paused to observe a couple kissing on a chaise.  Half naked, they cared little if anyone watched.  That was the room’s purpose—to be watched.

Blu wondered now if it would be dark enough to conceal her husband’s wicked needs.  They’d acclimated to the subtle light, and she guessed even the mortals could make out faces and body parts.  Could Creed drink from a mortal without allowing others to know what he was doing?

“Is this safe?” she asked over her shoulder.  “For you?”

“Never.  But isn’t that what you desire, my fallen one?”

“Don’t forget, I was pushed.”

His other hand slid around across her stomach to caress her breasts.  The leather did not allow much sensation, but when he skimmed her nipples, Blu sucked in a breath.  She arched her back to signal she wanted more of his touch.

“You like to push beyond boundaries,” he said.  “Challenge the norm.”

“I’m sensing this isn’t so much a challenge for you,” she replied.  “You’ve been here before.”

“Only with women.”

She nodded toward the short blonde with one breast exposed.  Her tattooed lover with a chain streaming from nose to ear kissed her deeply, their tongues lashing out to taste lips, flesh and the incensed air. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

“When compared to you?” Creed answered.  “Simply plain.  But why are you looking at the women?”

“Just wanted to get an idea of your type.  We can’t include me because I don’t fall on the correct species list.”

“I don’t discern by species.”


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