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by Lisa Marie Rice

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Erotic Romance

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Morrison Building, 1147 Birch Street.

Yes, that was it.

Ellen recognized what she was doing. She was stalling, which was unlike her. She was alive because she’d been able to take decisions fast and act on them immediately. She’d have been six feet under if she hadn’t acted fast. Stalling was unlike her.

But she was so damned tired. Tired of running, tired of lying, tired of keeping her head down, in the most literal sense of the term. Security cameras were everywhere these days and her enemy had a powerful face recognition program. For the past year, she’d rarely presented her naked face in public in daylight.

Even now, when she was betting her life on the fact that she was moving toward safety, she had on huge sunglasses and her now-long hair was drawn forward around her face. She needed to buy a big straw hat.

There were two security cameras on the lintel of the twelve-foot street door of the Morrison Building, but Ellen kept her head down as she entered, walked across the huge glass and marble lobby and rode up in the elevator to the ninth floor. Remaining anonymous in the elevator was hard. The four walls were polished bronze that reflected as well as mirrors to the small security camera in the corner.

The door to RBK Security was guarded by two security cameras, and you were either buzzed in or you dealt with a topflight security panel located on the right-hand side, because the door had no doorknob.

She lowered her head even more as a whirring sound came from above her head. Good God, their cameras were motorized!

Well, it was a security company, and she’d been assured they were really good.

They’d better be, because otherwise she was dead.

She rang the bell. There was a click and the door slid silently open. Ellen walked in gingerly, heart starting to pound.

Was this a good idea? Because if it wasn’t, if she was putting herself into the wrong hands, there was no turning back, and she’d pay the ultimate price.