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by Katie Lane

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Cassandra struggled to get out of his arms. “I don’t date liars.”

“I never lied.” James ground his teeth. “You were the one who jumped to the wrong conclusion.”

“And you didn’t correct me.”

“When a beautiful woman throws herself at a man, what do you expect him to do? Say no? ”

“Obviously not! You didn’t stop the woman this morning.”

“This morning? Are you nuts—” He paused. “Are you talking about my twenty-year-old assistant? ”

“Which is even more disgusting. And I never threw myself at you.”

“Really?” He backed her up against the desk. “And what would you call wanting to pay me for sex?”


His nostrils flared as he took a deep breath. “I tried to tell you the truth and, obviously, you didn’t believe me.”

“When was that? Before or after you made a fool of me? ” She leaned back and crossed her arms to show her anger—and to keep her breasts from touching his chest.

His eyes narrowed. “I never made a fool of you, Cassandra. You seem to be able to do that all by yourself.”

“Then what would you call it when someone conceals their identity in order to play with another person’s emotions?” She lifted a finger and poked him in the chest. “Is that what James Sutton calls fun?”

He grabbed her finger and refused to let go. “So now you’re saying that I played with your emotions. I thought I was just a hot one-night stand.”

She lowered her gaze. “You were.”

There was a long moment of silence in which the space between them seemed to shrink, taking all the air with it. She swallowed and watched as the hand that still held her finger moved to her chin and tipped it up. His eyes were no longer cold as he searched for the truth she struggled to hide. He found it much quicker than she’d hoped.

“Now who’s the liar,” he whispered before he lowered his head.

His lips were scorching, rivaling the fire that blazed behind him. He didn’t punish her with a hard, devouring kiss. Instead, his warm, moist mouth gently slid over hers. Cassie tried to collect herself enough to give him the hell he so richly deserved, but her body wouldn’t cooperate. Her eyes closed right before he slipped his hands to her tingled over her bare skin as he easily lifted her to the top of the desk.

She trembled and placed her hands on his chest. The fact that she was kissing James Sutton—a lying, conniving jerk—didn’t seem to matter to her treacherous body. The hormones that had been so easily controlled with a simple shower nozzle were now raging out of control. And all it had taken was one little kiss.

Or one big heart-stopping, soul-touching kiss.

A kiss too good to let her mind take control. So she released her brain and let her body do what it would.