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by Nancy Bush

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Some things just didn't work out the way they should.

In Yvette's case, they never worked out as they should. Her four other sisters, “the Ettes” as they were called, were a large part of the reason. Yvette had spent her life scratching and fighting for everything she'd earned. Nicholette had been blessed with being first and Daddy's favorite. Annette was smart and cagey, with a mind like a chess player, always two or five or ten moves ahead. Juliet was a pain in the ass, really. Always skulking around and watching for an opportunity to shine the light on herself, usually at someone else's expense. And she couldn't keep her legs together,

Sure it was Kirk Grassi now, but Yvette had it on good authority that she'd slept with Theo and Paul and maybe even Vic - puke! - a time or two. Did Kirk know? Did he even care? He'd certainly cut a swath through their group as well.

But of all Yvette's sisters, it was Suzette, the youngest, who made her want to rip her own face off. Suzette's sweetness, her naivete, was a complete act. She had set her sights on Galen with a bulldog's determination. For whatever reason she found him perfect for her means. Her job at Lovejoy's Hotel was a stepping stone; she'd been planning Annette's demise as the manager for years. Yvette had overheard the sugar-coated poison Suzette had bandied about. To the Lovejoy's staff, whenever there was a problem: “Oh, Annette said she'd take care of that. It didn't get done?” To the hotel guests when their needs weren't met: “I'll be sure and let our general manager, Annette, know.” And then Suzette would conveniently forget to mention the issue until the guest was screaming on the phone to a confused Annette.

Yvette never intervened. Why should she? Annette wasn't so great, either. She was a know-it-all who thought she was always right. Let Suzette screw things up for her. Annette could use a distraction 'cause she sure as hell wanted to screw things up for Yvette. 

Who did Annette think she was, blabbing secrets about their family, huh?

Now Yvette stood behind the couch of her apartment with its rented Danish modern furniture, gazing down at her son's dark head, aware that her sisters - one or all of them - could do her and Benedict serious harm, whether they meant to or not. Nicholette, Annette, Juliet and Suzette. . .all of them poisonous in their own way.

Yvette fought the urge to reach out and grab her son. She wanted to pull Benedict into her arms and squeeze him hard, protect him from the serious trouble that was heading their way. Whisper to him that everything was going to be fine. Just

fine. . .

A shiver of premonition whisked up her arms, leaving gooseflesh in its wake. 

Secrets and lies from the past were coming to find her.