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by Cynthia Eden

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Time for explanations.

Or, okay, lies.

“What do we say?”

The deep, rumbling voice came from the left. From Mr. Tall, Dark, and, yeah, Sexy, who’d tailed her over to the victim. She spared him a glance. “You can get out of here. I’ll handle the cops.” She’d had lots of experience with the Baton Rouge PD. Most of the uniforms owed her, anyway.

One black brow shot up. “It’s okay, you don’t have to thank me.” A grin, one that showed a lot of strong, white teeth. “I was happy to save your life. Really. Think nothing of it. Yeah, I nearly got shot, but I’m okay. No need for concern.” His right hand lifted and gingerly rubbed his chin.

A patrol car rounded the corner, screeched to a stop, and Dee clenched her teeth. “Thank you,” she managed.
“Not very gracious, are you?” He murmured and he knelt, his hands going toward the moaning guy’s wounds. “You should work on that.”

Her eyes slit. “I didn’t need saving.” Cops were approaching. She could see them from the corner of her eye. Their guns were up, and their steps slow.

“Yeah, you did.”

She almost growled at him.  

Any minute now, the cops would be saying

“Put your hands up! Nice and slow and—”

Ah, good. She recognized that voice. “Harry, we’ve got a gunshot vic here. He needs to be routed to Mercy General.”

“Dee?” Not real surprise. More like horror.

“Yeah. Be careful, the shooter could still be around.”

Harry and his partner immediately crouched. Harry jerked out his radio, and barked some commands.

“Why am I not surprised that the cops know you?” Dark and Sexy murmured.

She spared him a withering glance. Then she leaned in close to the victim and whispered, “If you want to stay out of the psych ward, don’t say a word about the vampire.”

He blinked once, then gave a quick nod.

Good. Because the cops on scene didn’t understand the paranormal score in this town and if the vic started rambling about Dee trying to take down an undead blood sucker, then things could get tricky.

She eased back into her crouch. So much for an easy bag. The guys at Night Watch would be giving her hell about this one for days.