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by R.C. Ryan

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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“But Cory’s so little—”

“He’s not helpless.” Jake tilted her face upward, studying the look in her eyes. “I think that kid is getting to you.”

Meg looked indignant. “I just don’t want to see him hurt.”

“Yeah. I forgot. You want me to believe you’re the original hard-hearted Hannah.” His finger was tingling, and he remembered, too late, how his body reacted when- ever he touched her.

He thought about fighting the feeling yet again, but he was tired of fighting it. Besides, what was the harm of one little kiss?

“Just relax. Cory will be fine.” He lowered his head and brushed his mouth over hers. It was the merest whisper of mouth to mouth, but the instant their lips touched, everything changed.

He drew back, as though considering his options.

And then, as if in slow motion, his arms came around her and he dragged her against him while he savaged her mouth.

God in heaven, she tasted so good. He couldn’t seem to get enough of it. His lips moved over hers, drawing out all their sweet, tart flavor.

Those lips, those soft, tempting lips, held some kind of magic. That was the only explanation for the explosion of feelings rocketing through him.

With a growl of pleasure he backed her roughly against the closed door. He had his hands in her hair, though he couldn’t recall how they got there.

He lowered his mouth to the soft curve of her neck, and heard her throaty sigh. The sound of it was enough to make him dizzy with need.

She’d anchored her arms around his waist as the kiss spun on and on. The feel of her, all wrapped around him, had him sweating. His head was swimming, and he breathed in the heady fragrance of her perfume, which re- minded him of a field of wildflowers. Right this minute he would happily drown in her.

He knew he had to stop, but not just yet. He wanted one more touch. One more taste.

“This is a first.” He spoke the words inside her mouth as he indulged himself in another slow, lingering kiss that had his blood flowing like hot lava.

“What is?” She moved her mouth to the corner of his jaw and he thought about simply devouring her.

“Kissing a girl good night in my house instead of hers.”

She laughed, but it turned into a sigh when he ran light kisses across her upturned face.

“Why don’t we step inside your room and see if we can’t take this to the next level?”

Meg put her hand on his chest. But the laughter in her eyes softened her words. “Sorry, cowboy. This lady sleeps alone.”