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by Hope Ramsay

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Savannah’s chest tightened. She wanted to dance with Dash. Earlier today he’d as much as suggested that she should dance every dance with him tonight.

But she refused to fall for Cousin Dash. That would mess up everything. Especially since Dash seemed to be so good for her son Todd, and Savannah was so very bad at relationships.

And just then Dash came striding across the lawn like Mr. Darcy, only with cowboy boots. He didn’t look at all like Colin Firth. He had much shorter hair and no side- burns, thank goodness. No, he looked more like, well, no one in particular except his own gorgeously handsome self.

“Princess, get your butt out of that chair and dance with me.” He delivered this line in a most Darcy-like snarl. As if he were asking against his own better judgment.

A definite tingle arose in Savannah’s core, and her heart started to pound. The chill bumps climbing up her arms reminded her of just how dangerous it was to dance with a man she found attractive.

“Oh, go on,” Rocky said. “Lizzy didn’t enjoy her dance but she endured.”

Dash blinked at Rocky. “What are you talking about? ”

“Never mind,” Savannah said, getting out of her chair. She shouldn’t dance with him, but she was going to, and she had a feeling she would enjoy this dance a whole lot.

“Let’s go.”

She took two steps and realized that the dancers were doing a country line dance that she didn’t know.

“Uh, what is that dance, the Achy Breaky? ”

“No, honey, it’s the Boot Scoot Boogie, but have no fear, the next one is a waltz.”

“How do you know that? ”

“Because he requested one.” Dash jerked his head in the direction of Lord Woolham, who managed a much better impression of Mr. Darcy as he strolled up and asked his wife to dance.

Dash snagged Savannah by the hand and pulled her out toward the street. She was overwhelmed by the heat of his touch, the rough texture of his skin, the bath-soap smell of him, and the fact that practically everyone at the dance was watching them.

The band struck up “Can I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life,” and Dash pulled her close. She placed her hand on his shoulder, immediately struck dumb by the hard muscle beneath her palm. He started moving, and Savannah was amazed to discover that he was light on his feet and knew exactly how to lead. They danced for quite a long time without speaking a single word, and the silence became charged.