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by Hope Ramsay

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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"Well, that was a different kind of ghost story," Stony said as they stood up. "I was expecting something scary."

"I liked it. It was sweet."

"It was girly." He took Sharon’s hand and pulled her up the aisle. The crowd was pretty sparse, it being a Wednesday night. The Kismet was always a few weeks behind other theaters in showing the newest movies. Ghost had been playing up in Orangeburg for weeks. 

Five minutes later, they were riding in Stony's old truck, heading out to Bluff Road. Stony didn't say much as he drove. Sharon got the feeling he might be brooding on something. 

She studied her boyfriend as he drove. The dash lights seemed to highlight the hard angles of his face. He might be a quiet boy, but she would much rather be with Stony than with the other boys and their constant chatter. 

There was something really solid about Stony. 

Stony stopped the truck at the end of Bluff Road. She slid across the bench seat and ran her hands up through his hair, repositioning the lock that always wanted to curl down over his forehead. The long, silky strands slipped softly through her fingertips. "When we get to Carolina, we should take a pottery course," she whispered into his ear. "We could recreate that scene in the movie." She licked his ear, then linked a trail of kisses across his hard jaw to his soft mouth. 

"Honey," he said, when she tried to interest him in a kiss, "we need to talk about that."

"What's wrong?" She pulled away and searched his face in the pale green dashboard lights. Usually a kiss on the ear turned him into jelly. Well…not all of him, of course. Stony was not the kind of boy who would stop fooling around to talk. About anything. His lack of reaction was like a flashing danger sign. 

He turned his gaze toward the dark pine woods that grew at the end of the road. "Um, look," he said. "I care about you, Sharon. I ... well, I can't imagine being with any other girl. But, the thing is, I can't go to college with you." When he turned back, his green eyes were filled with emotion.

"What are you talking about? We've been planning this for a year. We were both accepted." She slid to the far edge of the bench seat. 

Muscles bunched along his jaw. "See, well, I've joined the Marines."

She laughed. "Okay, you can quit with the joke. I know you didn't join the Marines. You're just trying to get a rise out of me."

"But I did. I have to report to Parris Island on August sixteenth."

Sharon's stomach heaved, and for an instant, she thought she might be sick right there in his front seat. "You're leaving in two weeks? You aren't coming to Columbia with me?" Pain swept through her like a raging river. She couldn't breathe. Stony was abandoning her.