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by Hope Ramsay

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Stone grinned like a wicked co-conspirator. “Yeah, I personally don’t think you need a makeover. I think you’re okay the way you are, kind of like a firefly, tiny but bright and fierce. Momma, on the other hand, ascribes to the notion that natural beauty can always be improved upon, and she’s going to try to improve you.”

“And you’re telling me this, why?”

“Because if you play along with Momma, she’s going to help you get your daddy’s ashes scattered at Golfing for God. She likes you. She’s been telling everyone in town all about your photo album theory.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Honey, I don’t kid about this. Your photo album comments have gone viral in Last Chance. And that means Momma is going to watch over you like an angel. And that makes me feel good. So you’re just going to have to get with the program, because I’m not arguing about this.”


“Lark, I’m a small-town policeman. And policing in a place like Last Chance requires the ability to manipulate churchwomen and hairdressers without them knowing that they’ve been manipulated. So, see, the makeover is going to be entirely Momma’s idea. And I’m asking you to play along with it.”

Laughter snuck up on her. It started as a little giggle, but grew into a full-blown guffaw that made tears leak out of the corner of her eyes.

“So,” he said, once she had stopped giggling, “you’ll move into the apartment above the Cut ’n Curl, and you’ll let Momma do this thing. For me? ”

“I’m just saying that I’m not a big-hair, lots-of-hair-spray kind of girl.”

He ran his hand through her hair. “Yeah. I like that about you. I’ll tell Momma that I don’t want you to be changed too much. That should help.”

Time seemed to hang suspended for a moment as his hand stalled in her hair, and then he pulled her gently forward. She came willingly, knowing that this was what she’d wanted.

The kiss was softer than she expected—almost shy and tentative, but incredibly warm and unbelievably erotic. She had never been kissed like this before.

And in a corner of her mind she knew, without question, that she had more experience in kissing than Stone Rhodes did. But somehow that didn’t matter. This kiss was not about recreational sex, or passing the time, or having fun.

No, Stone Rhodes was not a guy like that. His kiss was deliberate, as if he’d been thinking about it for some time.

But there was nothing deliberate about the groan that escaped him when she deepened the kiss. There was nothing planned about the way his hand pressed the back of her head, or the way her own palm found the side of his face and explored the texture of his beard.

And it wasn’t surprising that, by the time they managed to pull away from one another, the inside windows of the cruiser had gone all steamy.