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by Erin Kern

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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“Wait a minute,” he said before she could make a fast getaway with his stuff.

She tossed a cool, expressionless glance over her shoulder. “Yes?”

“You’re not really going to walk out of here without giving me my wallet back, are you?”

“That depends on whether or not you’re willing to hire me.”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “What makes you think I’m looking for help?”

Her deep brown eyes scanned the disorganized surroundings. “Something tells me you could use some help.”

He needed someone so badly he was willing to pay ungodly rates to hire a professional organizer. But her? A person who couldn’t see out her rearview mirror worth a damn and wouldn’t hand over personal belongings without blackmail? Okay, a very small part of him said, Screw what sort of person she is. You are in dire straits. Plus, she’s hot. 

The sensible part of him said, Who cares what she looks like; you don’t even know her.

She must have taken his silence to mean a big, fat no. Miss-I-Look-Down-My-Nose-At-You turned again and almost made it out his door before he grabbed her elbow.

“For hell’s sake, woman. You’re forgetting I memorized your license plate and could easily file a report against you.” Actually, he hadn’t memorized anything. Sometimes threats served a purpose.

Her full, painted pink lips flattened together in frustration. Her chocolate eyes darkened even more.

“Let me see the wallet before I consider giving you a job,” he demanded before she could reply to his threat.

Without a word, she dug her free arm in her duffle-bag sized purse and produced his brown tri-fold.

With a small smile, he snatched the wallet out of her hand. “Thanks,” he said and released her arm.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked when he turned away from her and walked to his desk.

“I hate to leave you hanging, but I have a meeting I’m running late for.” Too bad, So sad, Princess.

She jammed her hands on her thin hips. “You said if I gave your wallet back, you’d give me a job.”

One corner of his mouth kicked up in triumph when he grabbed the proposal from the printer and jammed it in his bag. “I said I’d consider it.” He glanced at her. “Unfortunately for you, I don’t have time to consider anything right now. But I sure appreciate getting this back.” He held the wallet up before stuffing it in his back pocket.

The muscles in Miss Price’s jaw tensed as her eyes narrowed to slits. Yeah, I outsmarted you didn’t, I? Not bad for an ornery, hung-over jerk, huh?

He touched two fingers to his forehead in a mock solute. “Have a good afternoon, Miss Price.”