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by Wendy Markham

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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“You must have been blind not to notice me because I threw myself into your path every chance I got, hoping you’d fall madly in love with me.”

Sam’s jaw drops.

“I can’t believe I just admitted that,” Meg says, “but what the hell? It was so long ago, and it’s really kind of funny. In a humiliating way.”

“So you…?” He shakes his head.

“Yup. I used to have a crush on you, back in school. And just now, when you were… touching me, for a second, I felt like I was back there again.” She laughs awkwardly. “Isn’t that ridiculous?”

No. Not Ridiculous.

Touching her, he felt like anything but an insecure kid.

“So these days, you don’t ride your bike around Manhattan, hoping to catch a glimpse of your latest Wall Street crush? You actually make a move on him?”

“If I had a Wall Street crush, which I wouldn’t—”


“Not my type.”

He wonders if high school physics teachers could possibly be her type.

“And anyway,” she goes on, “I’m on a permanent hiatus from stuff like that.”

“Stuff like flirting? Dating?”

“Right. All of it,” she says firmly.

 “But if you weren’t on hiatus you’d just go right up to someone and let him know you were into him?”


 “Okay, then let’s see,” he challenges her.


“You know what I mean. Go for it.”

 “Go for it?” Meg echoes, and bites the edge of her lower lip, looking up at him alluringly.

Or maybe she doesn’t mean to be alluring.

She just is.

“Just do whatever you would do if you were interested in someone,” he tells her.

“And you’re the someone, right?” She takes a provocative step closer.

“Right.” he informs her in a voice that suddenly resembles his own, a good twenty-odd years ago.

He clears his throat.

Which doesn’t matter because he isn’t going to be speaking again for a bit.

Because his mouth will be otherwise engaged.

Kissing Meg.

She rests her hands on his shoulders, stands on her tip- toes, and plants a kiss that is both bold and gentle on his lips.

“There,” she says softly. “That’s what I’d do.”

That’s it.


Sam pulls her closer; they kiss again.

His mouth comes alive at the slightest brush against her lips. He closes his eyes and allows himself the pleasure, however fleeting, of kissing a desirable woman, after all these years, after all he’s been through.

He might have forgotten what that’s like, but he gets the hang of it fairly quickly. His body responds of its own accord; he pulls her closer, holds her against him; at once thrilled and dismayed by his own rigid need.

This is as far as it can go. Kissing. Tonight. This is all he’ll allow himself.

Tomorrow, they’ll be nothing more than next-door neighbors again, and she can go back to her hiatus, but tonight…