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by Brenda Jackson

Genre: Multicultural, Contemporary Romance

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She had kissed a stranger.

The intensity of that bizarre action weighed heavily on Carly’s mind the next day as she folded laundry. She could claim the “birthday silliness” defense all she wanted, but the bottom line was that it was so unlike her that the excuse didn’t pass muster. And then there was the undeniable fact she couldn’t let go of.

 She had enjoyed it.

Carly would even admit that she had enjoyed it so much she hadn’t thought of anything else since. Even when she’d gone back to her hotel room and dressed for bed, a part of her had wondered what would have happened had she left one of her shoes behind. Would he have tried to find her?

She frowned at her thoughts. She wasn’t Cinderella and he wasn’t a prince…although he had certainly been dashing. However, she didn’t deal with fairy tales. This was the real world, and in the real world men like Lee whatever-his-last-name-was probably preyed on women nutty enough to act silly on their birthdays. There was no doubt in her mind that had she invited him up to her room he would have accepted the invitation. After they parted ways, he’d probably wandered around the hotel looking for another woman to pick up. With his looks, there was no doubt he would have been successful.

So why couldn’t she put the kiss behind her?

She knew the answer. The reason she couldn’t forget it was because it had been just that — unforgettable. Never had she been kissed that way, so intensely, so thoroughly.