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by Gina Conkle

Genre: Georgian Period, England, Historical Romance

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His lordship pushed the edge of propriety and well he knew it. What’s worse, her body reacted --- from his brigand’s smile or his hands on her skirt, she wasn’t sure. Lydia set a protective hand to her mid-section.

“Thank you.” She stepped back, needing some distance. 

Lord Greenwich stood up and towered over her, and on purpose, she was sure.

His thumb and forefinger tweaked her chin. “Don’t think you’re off the hook for this uninvited foray in my room. You need to atone for this grievous behavior, Miss Montgomery, and flashing your underskirts won’t suffice.” His eyes sparked with a dangerous, playful light. “Everything has its price.” 

Her eyebrows shot up at his daring tone, and Lydia planted a hand at her hip. “Is this all some kind of game for you?”

“Game?” One side of his mouth, the scarred side, curved up. “If this is sport, then you’re the most diverting woman I’ve had the pleasure of sparring with in a very long time.”

Every nerve in her body shot to life again, sensitized, just when she calmed the riot inside her. Her quick inhale gave her away, telling him, she was sure, that he threw her off balance with his unusual compliment. Again. Lord Greenwich likely wasn’t the type to wax poetically about a woman. A woman would have to make do with his brand of verbal surprise. His slow smile spread to the smooth, unscarred cheek with what she guessed was satisfaction at silencing her. 

“I give you ‘til dinner to come up with three ways to make amends for coming in here uninvited.” 

“What?” She asked her eyes rounding. “You want some kind atonement for looking around your room?”

“Yes, three. That way I can choose whichever is most advantageous to me. This will give you a sporting chance to please me.” His brigand’s smile widened. “Perhaps I’ll choose all three. I never said I was a nice man, especially with women who don’t follow the rules.”