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by Carolyn Brown

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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“Hello, again. What are you doing back in this part of the county? I figured you’d have gotten enough of Mingus this afternoon,” Larissa said.

“Thought I’d come down and see what all the fuss was about. My friends say this is the best place in the state for old music, cold beer and dancing,” Hank said.

“They’re damn right. What can I get you?” Who were his friends and when had they been in the Tonk? Were they the preppies over at the closest table with a bucket of beer and a pitcher of tequila sunrise in front of them? Or were they the cowboys circling the jukebox deciding which songs to play? She decided they were probably the cowboys but then he said he only spent a little while in Palo Pinto County each year so maybe it was the preppies.

“Two bottles of Coors,” he said.

She set two bottles of beer in front of him, picked up the ten dollar bill he’d laid on the counter and made change. She was careful not to touch his hand when she dropped it into his palm. If his touch was as hot as his smoldering eyes she would fall down on all fours and follow him around like a little lost puppy with her tongue hanging out. Her reaction earlier that evening was supposed to have been an adrenaline rush brought on by a near death experience. It should have passed when her nerves settled down. What happened?

Good God Almighty, get a hold of yourself girl. You’ve seen good lookin’ cowboys before. You’ve been on every continent in the world. What makes this one so special anyway, other than the fact that you’ve been too busy for even a long passionate kiss the past six months?