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by Sarah Morgan

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Presents, Series

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“I look at you and I see the movie star, not the man.”

He lowered his forehead to hers. “You just kissed the man, Katie.”

She dragged herself out of his arms and stepped backwards, the sand soft and warm under her feet. “I just assume you’re acting. Like earlier in the week –“

“I wasn’t acting then and I’m not acting now.’”

Of course he was acting. He could act desire every bit as convincingly as he could act daring and dangerous. “You can look at a woman like that and not mean it. You do it on the screen all the time. When you kissed the daughter of your enemy in Alpha Man you were so convincing that I actually believed that the two of you must be together in real life.”

“I’ve already told you I couldn’t stand the woman.”

“I know.” Katie gave a confused laugh. “Which shows how good an actor you are! And that proves my point. I’d be crazy to let myself fall for that whole movie-star thing. Just because you’re bored and you’ve been deprived of Hollywood women, doesn’t mean you can use me as a substitute.” Her hand shaking, she rubbed her fingers over her forehead. “I don’t move in the same world as you. Quick meaningless sex just doesn’t work for me.”

“Have you ever tried quick meaningless sex?” There was humour in those eyes. But there was also gentleness and that gentleness ripped at her self-control.


“You should try everything once.”

“In that case you should try opening up and trusting. You might find a meaningful relationship really satisfying.”

Still holding her hands in his, he backed her against the rocks. “Right now I know exactly what I’d find satisfying.” As he lowered his head towards her, she thought about the week they’d spent together. He’d told her nothing about himself. She knew no more now than she had when she’d worked in the theatre with him.

Katie planted a hand in the centre of his chest, feeling the steady beat of his heart under her fingers.”Are you ever yourself?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re playing a role. Do you ever play yourself, Nathaniel?”

The change in him was almost imperceptible but it was there. Shimmering desire faded and his eyes were guarded. A tiny muscle flickered in his jaw and he watched her without speaking.

Then he released her in a smooth movement and stepped away. The cynical, mocking look was back in his eyes. ‘We would have been good together.’

Katie was glad she was leaning against the rock. Her knees were shaking so much she needed the support. Her hands ached to reach out for him, drag him back to her, lose herself in the heat of his mouth.

But she wanted it to be real, and this wasn’t real

They’d spent a week together, but she knew she hadn’t spent a single moment with the real Nathaniel Wolfe………